How To Change App Icons On iOS 17.1.2 on iPhone

🗓️ September 17, 2022 By ✍️ Jaysukh patel

Since the craze for changing App Icons On iOS 16 iPhone home screen is going all over the world, why not tailor the app icons for new looks and gestures? Yes, it is possible to replace the default App Icons of the iPhone with whichever image or icon you would like from the iPhone.

It can be done only using the Shortcuts App, and sadly, it is quite a long procedure, but once you’re used to it and learn how to change the app icons on iPhone, it’ll fairly take a few minutes to change the app icons. Shortcut Apps lets you choose your desired icon/picture to set as an app icon, this way you can completely redesign the home screen of the iPhone within no time.

However, you would need to dig the internet to find suitable App Icons that match your liking, but once you go on the right path, there is no going back. Start with the stepwise guide to Change App Icons On iOS 16. No matter what app it is, the below steps are applicable to all the applications downloaded on your iPhone.

How to Change App Icons On iOS 16?

Usually, when it comes to Shortcuts App, it’s quite tricky to use the features made through Shortcuts App; however, changing the app icons won’t be difficult.

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Video to Change App Icons On iOS 16

Tip: After changing the App Icon, if it doesn’t work properly or crashes randomly, I’d suggest you to create the only shortcuts that are being mostly used and remove others.

  1. Launch the Shortcuts App on your iPhone or iPad home screen- you can find using spotlight search.
  2. Hit the Plus button on the upper-right corner.
create a new shortcut on iphone (1)
Create New Shortcut on iPhone
  • Tap Add Action.
  • Search for the Open App
  • Tap Open App.
  • Select Action for App Shortcut on iPhone
    Select Action for App Shortcut on iPhone
  • Select the Choose option.
  • Find the app that you wish to change the app icon using the Search bar.
  • Select App and Apply New Icon
    Select App and Apply New Icon
  • Hit the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  • Choose to Add to Home Screen.
  • Tap on the App Icon near the Shortcut Name field.
  • Add to Home Screen
    Add to Home Screen
  • Choose between the Take Photo, Choose Photo and Choose File from where you would like to pick the image for the app icon.
  • Select Photo and Add as a icon
    Select Photo and Add as an icon
  • Give Shortcut a name.
  • On the top-right corner, tap Add.
  • Give Shortcut Name and Add
    Give Shortcut Name and Add
  • Again tap on the Done to save the Shortcut.
  • Exit the Shortcuts App and get back to the home screen.
  • Save Music Bookmark with New Shortcut
    Save Music Bookmark with New Shortcut

    Limitations of Customizing  or Change App Icons On iOS 16 on supported iPhone

    We’ve encountered two major limitations when customizing the iPhone app icons. This is because we are using the Shortcuts App, not the official way to do it.

    After changing the app icon, you won’t be getting any Notification Badges, and most importantly, when you tap on the customized app icon, it’ll open the Shortcuts app first and then the actual app.

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