How to Setup Emergency SOS, Trigger Emergency SOS on your iPhone, Apple Watch in 2023

10 SOS location screen for iPhone in iOS 11

Quickly Call to Emergency Service in your country and also send iMessage message to emergency contact added in your health app. Here I will guide significant points that we can use or set for use Emergency SOS On iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X, iPhone 8,8 Plus. What are the custom settings for Emergency SOS and Which Settings are necessary for use? Emergency SOS available on all iOS compatible devices but changed the way to enable it. Let’s see how to turn on/ turn off Emergency SOS On iPhone.

Note: We cannot turn off or Hide the Emergency SOS option from the iPhone setting. If you find missing, then Check your iOS version and update it with the latest one or might be in your country option is not available.

Setup and Use Emergency SOS On Your Apple iPhone

10 SOS location screen for iPhone in iOS 11

  • Go to the Settings app on the iPhone.
  • Under the Settings, Scroll down and Find “Emergency SOS

  • Next To the “Emergency SOS” >
  • The first Option is SOS Button, SOS Can Activate by Pressing 3 or 5 Times depends on you have set in Settings on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, X, iPhone 8,8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6 and Earlier

iPhone X and Later iPhone users:

  • Press Side Button + Volume up button simultaneously or press the side button 5 or 3 times.

Auto Call: By enabling this option you will get countdown (3 to 1),

if Auto Call is Enabled, Countdown Sound option will see at last

4 Count Down Sound for Emergency Settings on iPhone 8 8 Plus

Auto Call in Enable, See SOS Emergency Lock Screen,

If Auto Call is disabled, then see the different settings before taking action in mute sound: Slide to Power Off, Medical ID, and Emergency SOS.

  • Medical ID: Get access to your Medical ID card, With Blood Group, Emergency contact numbers.
  • Emergency SOS: it will call to Emergency Service in your country (For USA, 911) after that continues to send your device’s location to your Emergency contact’s iMessage as a notification.

Location Service will enable itself, and your friends can track you continuously if your device is stolen.

The unauthorized person cannot Stop Sharing the Emergency location if the iPhone is locked. Enter Passcode or Use Touch ID first unlock Device and Tap on Blue top bar “Emergency SOS is Using Your Location”.

Tap on: Stop Sharing Emergency Location

If auto Call is enabled: Custom settings of Countdown Sound will show. Want to disable it then you can do.

Setup or Add Emergency Contact for Emergency SOS

  • Add new or Edit saved contact details for Emergency contact. Yes, we can do it.
  • Open Medical ID app, Tap on Edit
  • Scroll Down and See option for “Add emergency contact” Select contact from phone app > Next Set Relationship with him/her and Save

This Changes and Settings automatically are shown under Emergency SOS

How to Turn on SOS on your Apple Watch Series 5 and All iWatch running watchOS 6 and later

  1. First of all, unlock your Apple Watch
  2. Press digital crown to the home screen
  3. open Settings App
  4. Scroll the Screen find and tap on SOS
  5. turn toggle Hold side button ON/Green.

On the same screen, there is also an option for Fall detection (only supported for WatchOS 6 running on Apple Watch Series 5 and Later).

How to Enable/Disable SOS on your Apple Watch running on watchOS 5 and Earlier

  1. Open Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  2. Go to My Watch Tab, See General option.
  3. Next, to the General > Tap See Emergency SOS > Enable Hold to Auto Call
  4. Now, on your Apple Watch, Continuously press and hold few seconds on the side button apple watch automatically call to the Emergency number.

Want more tips and Guide about security and Emergency SOS on iPhone share with us on the comment box.

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