How to Change country in App store from iPhone, iPad: iOS 8

For the Apps and Games, Apple made app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch based on country wise, so user can easily buy and review best compatible and most favourite around you. At that time you must be Change country in App store from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as well. Some of the time you are trying to access app that does not available in your app store means your location. You will get notification pop up like want to move another app store where app is available. So we can do that easily but now you can see all application in target country’s currency. So you can buy it easily but if you don’t want then you have to switch into your country’s app store.

Note: Below all the steps examined with iPhone 6 with iOS 8. And also compatible with other iOS device running on updated iOS version (iOS 8/ iOS 9).

How to Change country in App store from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch: iOS 8

Step 1: Go to the App store app from your iPhone/ iPad or iPod Touch

Step 2: From the beneath of the screen, Tap on Featured app option.

Step 3: Scroll Down at last end of the screen, and You can see Quick Link section.

Step 4: Under the Quick Link section: Tap on your Apple ID.Change country in App store from iPhone, iPad on iOS 8/9

Note: here I moved in to UK store, I want to revert in to Indian store.

Step 5: Now, from the popup on the screen, Tap on View Apple ID.

Step 6: Enter valid apple ID password. After successfully pass request you can see verification popup like in below screen.Verification for change country in iPhone, iPad

Alternatively you can’t jump in to your country store then you can choose manually by Tap on Apple ID and Choose Country/Region.Change country or region in App store


If you want change your country, so you can’t do if your region shared by your family. So you must leave your family sharing and try again.

However, you don’t success for Change country in App store from iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 8, iOS 7 or iOS 9.


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