How to Clean MacBook Pro-Air Keyboard [2024 Updated]

Fine dust, crumbs, and sticky mess build-up will all make their way onto your MacBook keyboard at a particular stage. As a consequence, you could end up not cleaning up your MacBook for an extended period, perhaps because of simple laziness. By that point, the keyboard could very well appear like it’s been strewn with filth.

You should consider specific do’s and don’ts whether you’re experiencing problems with a particular key or think the time has come to clean your keyboard thoroughly. Dirty keyboards often become sluggish and, if left unattended for a long time, unusable, necessitating expert repair.

When handled regularly, cleaning a MacBook keyboard should only take a couple of minutes. As a result, we’ve put up a few pointers on how to gently clean a MacBook keyboard without causing any damage using only just a few materials.

There are two ways that we would be mentioning here involving different items. For the first method, you would require a can of compressed air that comes with a straw.

  • Firstly, before cleaning your MacBook keyboard, make sure it’s turned off, unplugged from the computer, and disconnected all accessories. Turn off and withdraw the batteries if you’re using an external keyboard that needs cleaning.
  • Then, to adjust airflow, place the straw that came with the compressed air can. Also, when spraying, remember to keep the straw about a half-inch away from the keyboard. Also, make sure the pressurized air can is at a proper angle. It is advisable not to turn it on its side. You may also read the directions on the can.
  • Ensure that you firmly grasp on your MacBook so you can clean it from all angles. Hold the MacBook device at a 75-degree angle keeping the screen facing downwards but not nearly vertical.
  • Then, blow the compressed air across the keyboard zigzag from left to right and back. Turn your MacBook to the right side and spray the keyboard from left to right once again. Repeat the procedure, this time rotating your MacBook to the left side.

The second method, which is a more deep clean process, would require you to gather the following items: a bottle of water with a spray top, a clean microfiber towel, a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush, another soft brush for agitation between the keys and q-tips or cotton buds. 

  • The first step here is to use your soft brush to carefully brush over the keyboard to release any dried adherent debris. To loosen as much dirt as possible, do this in a north-south and east-west pattern.
  • After doing so, use your vacuum cleaner and run over the keys lightly to remove any loosened debris.
  • Grab a cotton bud and pass it through the first line of keys with medium pressure, then turn the bud over and repeat the process with each line of keys, gradually replacing the buds as needed. Then, oppositely, make your way back up the keyboard horizontally to go in between the keys.
  • After that, vacuum the keyboard once more to remove loose debris before moving on to the wet cleaning process.
  • Take out your folded microfiber towel and your water spray bottle. In the following step, move away from the MacBook and spray a couple of times onto the towel, simply making sure it’s just not soaking wet. Because this is a low moisture cleanup and you want the towel to be damp, rub your hands into it to transfer the moisture into the towel.
  • Then, make your way over the keyboard horizontally and vertically in a north-south manner. It will remove as much dirt as possible.
  • After that, try to wipe the keyboard down with a dry microfiber towel.
  • After this one, you can clean the aluminum trackpad with a moist microfiber towel before giving everything a last wipe with a dry microfiber towel to remove any smudges or streaks from the keyboard.

Also, avoid using aerosols, bleach cleansers, or anything abrasive to clean your MacBook keyboard. Also, if you wipe too hard, you can risk damaging the full keyboard.

In a nutshell, these were the easy and quick ways to clean your MacBook keyboard in the new year. With the aid of these suggestions, you may have a clean keyboard that looks as good as a new one.

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