How to Delete all the Emails at Once on iPhone (2023)

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Unfortunately, every hour we found a new email in our inbox whether it is related to promotional offers or professional emails, or any subscribed newsletter. At the end of the month, if we look at the inbox, it is filled with hundreds of emails. The major problem is if we want to look back for any important mail and we don’t know the perfect name of that mail, it is difficult to find the whole big list.

Personally, I always look for 1-click and delete all the messages and emails in iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 12, 11 (Pro Max), iPhone XR/iPhone XS Max/XS iPhone X and iPhone SE, and iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone SE and an iPhone 7(Plus) too. Luckily it is possible in latest iOS to delete the emails with 1 click. There are two different methods available, which can be useful for you to delete emails.

Select the ways to Delete All Emails At once [Complately Delete]

  • Trash Option is Missing, Showing Archive by Default, Customize mail app right now. Some mail Users are Didn’t find the trash folder, Showing the only Archive, because Deleted Emails location set as an Archive that we can change under the settings are first. Go to the Solution 2  on this article or Go to Settings > Account & Password > Tap on Email Account > Advanced > Select Deleted Mailbox, after that, it will mode discarded messages in to Delete folder automatically when we delete it from the mail inbox.
  •  – Outlook users can find this MOVE DISCARDED MESSAGED INTO  Deleted Mailbox option in the same way.
  • if you are looking for the solution of delete unused account’s email from the mail app (iOS/iPadOS), I recommended deleting/Remove account from settings. Go to the Settings > Password & Account > Tap on Account name (Gmail, Outlook, Custom DNS mail) > Delete Account to Remove all offline mails data.
  • If the trash option is not showing on the iPhone mail app, then you first move all Emails to the Trash or Bin folder. So Select All Emails, Tap on Move, Now Select Bin/Trash Folder of your same email account.
  • According to the email service provider, trash or bing folder will be empty automatically after the desired time, Also we can delete emails from the trash folder manually from our end. Open the Trash folder of Mail account, Select all Emails and Delete at once with the option available there.
  • Some custom mail service does not allow deleting mails from the trash folder. So we can ask or Generate ticker to remove the restriction or allow to make your changes.

How to Delete all the Emails at once on iPhone/iPad

How to delete all the emails at once iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

Solution 1: How to Delete Emails on iOS 12/iOS 13 one by one on iPhone & iPad

In this method, you have to mark the mails which you want to delete one by one and at last, just hit the delete button. People are becoming tricky to delete all iCloud mails at once, So first move it into Trash Folder and Delete From trash after that. But in this technique, people are facing issues with messages that we’re unable to be moved. Move all emails first after that deleting steps shown in Method 2.

  • Step 1: Launch the Mail app on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Select the category like Inbox or Sent or Drafts.
  • Step 3: Now, after that select the Edit option which is at the top of the Inbox.
  • Step 4: Its time to select the Emails, [Select All] and finally on the bottom, Hit Trash option to Delete all Emails. But Wait, [Missing Trash option], Sollution is in next step, Make This changes first and try again.
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Delete all the Emails at Once Running on iPhone and iPadOS
Delete all the Emails at Once Running on iPhone and iPadOS

Solution 2: Trash Option Missing & Directly move to Trash

Your Mail app settings for mail account is set to Archive Mailbox instead of Deleted Mailbox for “Move Discarded messages into”. Go to the Settings app > Tap on Passwords & Accounts > Tap on mail account name > Tap on Email ID > Advanced > Select Deleted Mailbox under the MOVE DISCARDED MESSAGES INTO. Now follow the above steps again under the Mail iPhone/iPad app. Force close the mail app and check that the Trash option under the mail-in edit mode will appear at the down right of the screen.

Delete All Emails at Once - Move Discarded Messages into Deleted Mailbox on iPhone and iPad-2
Delete All Emails at Once – Move Discarded Messages into Deleted Mailbox on iPhone and iPad

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Solution 3: Delete Emails From mail Server That Don’t Save on iPhone Trash

People are finding the way to free up space allocated by mail app that might be Trash Mails, Mail Inbox, Sent or Draft. if your Mail app account settings on iPhone wong configured then you should change it first using the below way,

  • Go to the Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Accounts & Passwords > Tap on Mail Account name > Next tap on Email > Find the Advanced settings > Deleted Mailbox > ON THE SERVER section (Tap on Trash) folder.
Remove Deleted Mailbox from iPhone and Remove from the server
Remove Deleted Mailbox from iPhone and Remove from the server

Method 3: How to Delete All Mails in iOS on iPhone/iPad

It is a bit tricky method to delete all emails at once. But once you learn it will be easy for you.

  • Step 1: Open Email and then click on Inbox or Sent or whatever category.
  • Step 2: Now, Select one email and press and hold Move option. Continue to hold the Move option until you uncheck the previously selected email.
  • Step 3: this action will bring you to the window which will allow you to bring all the emails to another folder like junk or trash. This will move all the emails to junk or trash.
  • Step 4: Once all the emails are in Trash you can click on Edit and select Delete All from the Trash Folder.
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That’s it!

Would you like to delete Emails Completely from your Apple iPhone to make free up Storage?

To make ample storage space on my iPhone XR, I have followed the bottom steps:
First Remove the account and then re-add the email account back into your Apple iOS device which helps clear up my Mail app’s storage.
The Steps are;

  • Go to Settings > Passwords & Account > tap the name of the account like Gmail > press Delete Account.
    After that, restart Apple device and after reboot,
  • Add the account back in Open the Settings App> Tap Passwords & Accounts > Add Account.

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Do you have any other trick to Delete all the Emails at once on iPhone? Drop it in the comments.

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