How to Delete a Facebook Page in 2024

Are you feeling hard to delete a Facebook page on the iPhone or iPad? Go through step by step ultimate guide. The popular Social network Facebook provides a facility of the business/ personal Page, and there are several categories to make Facebook pages such as Books & Magazines, Brands & Products, Companies & organizations, Local Business, Movies, Music and others, people, sports, Television, and Websites & Blogs. Facebook Page helps to grow up business, and it does help to create a new business park in the market and around the globe.

After creating a page, sometimes the FB Page owners want to delete their page for any genuine reason. Flagship reason is to be the name of the page or the new name of a business or firm.  So, there is no complicated process to do that, but some users may not have a clear idea about permanently deleting an old Facebook page. You can also create a new Facebook page without deleting the old page. Any way to delete a Facebook page without admin? Can I delete a Facebook page someone else created?

Complete Guide to Delete or Un-Delete Facebook Page on your iPhone, iPad

Steps how to Delete Facebook Page on your iOS Device

  • Step 1. Launch the Latest Facebook App on your iPhone/ iPad.
  • Step 2. After logged-in, Tap on More appears right-lower on the screen.Open facebook app and tap on more option
  • Step 3. Next, Tap Pages that screen will show you all created FB Pages.
  • Step 4. Let’s tap on A page that you would like to delete; for example, here I’ve taken iTechSoft to delete.  tap pages and choose a page and tap Edit page for facebook
  • Step #5. Now tap on the More (…) option on the FB page that you can find next to the Facebook app search bar.
  • Step #6. So now you will get a big popup screen; tap on Edit Page.
tap more setting on facebook page
  • Step #7. Now scroll down the screen and tap on Settings [Edit other page info, including your description and message options.]
  • Step #8. Next, tap on General underneath the Settings section.
Go to settings and tap general to delete facebook page on iOS iPhone
  • Step #9. Scroll down the screen, and under the Remove Page section, tap on A link that says Delete [Facebook Page name], For Example, Delete iTechSoft? 

[before attempt delete you should read mentions notes that says delete facebook page user makes undelete up to next 14 days.]

  • Step #10. I hope you get a new screen with an option Delete page; tap on Delete Page.
under remove page tap on link to delete facebook page on iphone or ipad next tap on delete page button
your page enter in deletion mode that you recover upto 14 days

Finally, you will get the bottom message screen on your device that says the page entered deletion mode. You can cancel the deletion within 14 days.

That’s it.

How to Stop Facebook to Delete a Facebook Page from the next 14 Days

Suppose you would like to cancel the deletion Facebook page, then follow the above all ten steps, and you will get a screen that will give a link like a Cancel Deletion. Tap on Cancel Deletion to un-delete Fb Page.

want to recover fb page then tap cancle buttont and confirm that you dont want to delete facebook page

Tap on Cancel Deletion to un-delete Fb Page. Next, tap on Confirm.

I hope you would like and share this official way for others if they wish to delete old business or organization Facebook page.

How to Delete a Facebook Page On PC or Computer or Apple Mac

  • Step #1: Open a web browser and log in your facebook account on
  • Step #2: Next, Click on Home appear header and then click on Pages located at the left-sidebar.Click on Home from the top header on facebook web and click on pages appear in left side bar
  • Step #3: if you have more than one Facebook page then choose the right FB page that you want to delete.from your page open a facebook page that you want to delete
  • Step #4: Now Open Facebook Page and click on the Settings appear top-menu bar you can also see in the given picture;click on settings on your facebook page located on top and right side
  • Step #5: Scroll down the screen to get delete the Facebook page button.
scroll down the settings screen on faceboko pc or computer to get delete facebook page option
  • Step #6: Now click on the edit buttonclick on edit next to the your facebook page name
  • Step #7: Click on the link that looks like a blue color says Delete [Facebook page name] here’s Delete Howtoisolveclick on delete facebook page name to delete facebook page using mac or computer
  • Step #8: You will get a pop-up screen that asks you Delete page? Click on on delete page button to delete facebook page
click on ok button to exit the settings screen on faceboko pc or mac or computer

Step #9: in the end, click on OK to exit the settings screen.

That’s it!

Can’t delete a Facebook Page on Mobile

If you cannot delete a Facebook page that you would like to remove from the Facebook server permanently.

Don’t worry, and you can use a PC or Phone browser [open facebook request desktop on safari] to delete the FB page successfully.

  • Sometimes our readers say they can delete the page after attempting to force close the Facebook app and then again follow the instructions mentioned above.
  • If you can’t find the edit page option on FB App? Please make sure the Facebook app is the latest, if your app is outdated I mean old version, then this article won’t work for you.

To update the Facebook app, Open the App Store, Search Facebook into the search bar, your Facebook page appear with the update button; please tap on an update to install the latest Facebook version. And re-try my above-listed steps again.

You can also delete your FB page permanently on MacBook, or Windows desktop. You just need to enter your FB page credentials.

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