How to Fix Split View Not Working macOS Monterey Update 2022

Last Updated on Mar 23, 2022

This year Apple brought out a new clue to use two apps full-screen Side by side on Mac screen. And the company gave name its called Split View. Also, you can also access the menu bar and Dock easily. Even I’m telling you in brief about the Split view then, that lets you go full screen with a pair of apps side by side. Sometimes, You will face trouble because of the below problem, Split View Not Working macOS Monterey, Catalina, Mojave, EI Capitan and earlier.

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macOS Monterey allows mac users to Use Side By side apple device’s screen just with a single keyboard, Trackpad/Mouse with iPad screen running on iPadOS 15 or later. Know more supported device, in this article: Universal control on Mac.


To do enable Split view there are two ways: one is clicked and Hold or “Hover your cursor on Green button for a long time” on the green full-screen button in the upper-left side of a Screen or Press (Control-Command-F). So remain half of the screen will become shaded in blue. While second way is non-minimized apps on Mac windows that are better compatible with the Split view will show up on the other half of the screen as thumbnails; so do click on one of the app thumbnails to open another app on the other half of Split view.


the screen will looks like,

How to Fix Split View EI Capitan not working: Mac OS X

But some the folks having issue concern Split view. Users say the above-given methods are followed by them but nothing shows up means no Split view Screen on Safari browse, mail app on Mac, etc. At all Split View not working MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. So we try here to give you a workaround follow it then see.

The clues to fix Split View not working on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

  • Step 1. Click on Apple logo from on top side menu bar
  • Step 2. Now Choose System Preference…
  • Step 3. Find Mission ControlClues to Fix Split View EI Capitan not working on Macbook air or MacBook pro
  • Step 4. Now do enable Displays Have separate spacesuse split view in OS X EI Capitan on Mac, MacBook
  • Step 5. Now once log out your Mac

And then login back again.

You’re done.

Not Available in This Split View

Use Split Screen On Mac Functionality correctly given in this article.

if you are showing an error or message when you put the app in split-screen for apple’s native or Third-Party app. that’s a normal issue. in this issue, you have to check for the app is officially not designed for split-screen view. Contact App Developer and Request for your Mac app support for split screen view.

Suddenly App doesn’t support the split-screen view, then Force close all the apps [Apple logo > Force Quit > Select All apps > Force Quit], Restart your Mac and try again.

I hope this would be helpful for you. Now use the Split view as above explained ways.

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