Apple Universal Control System Requirements and Supported Devices: Apple’s Latest Launch

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in this walkthrough, get What is Apple Universal Control Requirements for Mac machines and iPad. Are you a multi-tasker who wants things to get done super-fast? Are you struggling to manage to work between two or three apple devices at the same time? It can be tiresome to fiddle between different mouses, keyboards, and trackpads when you are at the get-go of doing things quickly. However, imagining using one device for all is not impossible anymore or a distant dream.

Apple has turned this into a reality with its brand new feature, Universal Control, that will premier with macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15. Introduced at WWDC 2021, this feature is clever and straightforward, keeping in mind Apple’s user-friendly approach. In addition, apple’s Continuity features aim to improve connectivity and usability amongst Apple’s devices.

What is Universal Control?

You can use the keyboard, mouse, and trackpad on all of your devices using Universal Control. For example, universal Control is perfect if you wish to utilize the trackpad on the MacBook Pro device to gain control of the activities on the iPad or even another Mac. The concept is simple enough, and it even makes dragging and dropping content between devices effortless.

The feature allows users to use the iPad as a second monitor, allowing them to distribute windows across multiple screens or drag & drop items between them. It’s a swift process of shifting your cursor from one device to the other. However, the devices need to be nearby for the feature to work efficiently. Using Universal Control, you will be able to move your cursor in any direction horizontally between your devices. 

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Dragging and dropping documents, files, and media has become a lot easier with this feature. Furthermore, you can do it on a whim by selecting it on one device and moving the pointer towards the device in which you want your item. It is specifically genius for those who use multiple devices and work continuously with creating, planning, sketching, designing, or anything at all.

Apple Universal Control Requirements

  1. If your Macs and iPads you wish to utilize Universal Control with are compatible, you’ll need to update macOS Monterey 12.3 and iPadOS 15.4, which will soon be available to the public. 
  2. You’ll also need to ensure that both devices stay connected to iCloud with the same Apple ID and that two-factor authentication is on power on both devices.
  3. Turn on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Handoff on your Mac (s) and iPad(s), and they must be within 10 meters (30 feet) of each other.
  4. You should avoid sharing cellular and internet connection between an iPad and a Mac as it connects over a direct Wi-Fi signal.
  5. You might be thinking that what if I don’t want to use the feature anymore? You will also have the option to disable Universal Control. By Turn off WiFi or Handoff (Settings app > General > AirPlay & Handoff > Disable Handoff toggle, That’s it).
  6. Enable Permission to use Mouse and Keyboar use with near by Mac and iPad that’s signed in with same apple id. Apple Logo from top Mac Menu > System Preferences > Display > Advanced > Select the below option.universal-control-setting-in-mac-system-preferences
    • Allow your cursor and keyboard to move between any nearby Mac or iPad
    • Your cursor and keyboard can be used on any nearby Mac or iPad signed in to your iCloud account.
    • Push through the edge of a display to connect a nearby Mac or iPad
    • Allow the cursor to connect to a nearby Mac or iPad by pushing against the edge of a display.
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Universal Control Supporting Devices: Macs & iPads

Unfortunately, your device is not in the below list. If you miss the Universal control then try This Universal Control Alternatives. and use it on Unsupported macs and iPad.

Here are the Apple’s Macs that are compatible with Universal Control Feature

  • MacBook Pro (2016 and after)
  • MacBook (2016 and after)
  • MacBook Air (2018 and after)
  • iMac (2017 and after)
  • iMac (5K Retina 27-inch, after 2015)
  • iMac Pro,
  • Mac mini (2018 and after)
  • Mac Pro (2019)
  • Mac Studio

Here are the iPads that are compatible with Universal Control Feature

  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air (3rd generation and after)
  • iPad (6th generation and after)
  • iPad mini (5th generation and after)

How to use Universal Control?

If you have been a user of iOS and macOS for a long time, Universal Control may seem like something quite similar to its existing features. Although it relies on the same Continuity and handoff technologies that have been present in iOS and macOS for a long time, Universal Control has been taken a notch above when it comes to using it. All of your devices must have handoff enabled while using Universal Control.

When the devices are close enough, their Bluetooth modules connect. Now, you need to shift the cursor along a horizontal axis from one device to another with a mouse or trackpad until it displays on the second device. On the side of paired devices, a grey bar will appear. You can “hand-off” your keyboard and mouse control to another device by quickly shifting your cursor between them. 

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You should remember that using several compatible devices may result in Monterey dragging items towards the last iPad or Mac you used as a user. Universal control is applicable for up to three devices. The combination could be anything from using two macs, one iPad, two iPads, and one Mac. You can use Universal Control to link your devices using the cursor if you use your devices together most of the time.

If the automatic setup seems too mindboggling, you can visit the Apple Logo > system preferences > Display > Advanced > Enable the option for use nearby apple device or Push on edge to Use Nearby device [iPad and Mac]. and select a device as the Universal Control gadget. Additionally, you can drag and drop information across multiple devices. Soon all the contents will be transferred over connections, Wi-Fi Direct or USB, depending on how you set everything up.

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Universal Control is for anyone who cannot let go of multi-tasking. If you are hooked to your work and devices, this feature will be the epitome of your productivity.

No rush, no hassle. Apple sure knows how to keep their customers happy and loyal, developing innovative features that you can’t help but be in awe of. 

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