How to hide app and folder on iPhone and iPad

Last Updated on Jun 29, 2021

Hide app and folder in iPhone and iPad. My friends and more of the business and professional users are hiding apps for security reasons. We need more security on Banking apps, Stock apps to prevent from cheat and unknown people who are near to you. Most of the users want to hide game apps, hence that his/her child never show up installed game apps.

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Using these tricks you can also manage all apps on a single page of the app browser. Using this you don’t have to scrolled or move from one screen. Using app search options, you can search your apps easily. It may be hidden or inside folder stack or on home screen also.

Here’s steps on how to hide App and folder in iPhone and iPad

Without any APP : Hide App icon and folder in iOS device

1. Hide Folder

You know that folder making is very easy on iPhone and iPad. The same process that you have to do to hide a folder from your iPhone home screen or App browser. Here are the steps to hide the folder without any Apps you have to use.

Note: Folder hiding doesn’t delete your app locate in folder. You can get with reboot your iPhone or iPad in instant way.

  • Step 1: Tap and hold the folder that you want to hide from the app browser screen. Without released folder press the home button on your iOS device at once.
  • Step 2: Now you can see all screens on your iPhone and iPad screen. From this screen choose the app browser screen.
  • Step 3: Your selected folder will be show at bottom of the iPhone and iPad strip in water mark.
  • Step 4: After doing the above steps, press the home screen once again. Now you can see the folder gone hide from your app browser. But you can search it by swipe down your app browser screen.

2. Hide app

Let’s see how to remove and hide the app from iPhone and iPad without any Apps or third-party jailbreak apps. After hiding the app from the app browser no one can access or see an app from the app browser, but you can use the search option to launch an app that is hidden.

Here’s the basic steps for remove or hide app from iOS device: in this example vimo app will be hide from app browser.

  • Step 1: Select app and Hold which you want to hide..
  • Step 2: Now all Apps are shacking in your iDevice, Press on apps (vimo).
  • Step 3: Tap on home button
  • Step 4: Tap and hold vimo app, and press also home button two times at once.
  • Step 5: Now you can see the below screen,
  • Step 6: Once again press the home screen, You can see app should be hidden from your iPhone and iPad.
  • Step 7: But you can access it by searching it at the top search box, this search box will be shown after swipe down your screen.
  • Step 8: Now you are done.

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More, see the video tutorial on hiding app (Game or Third-party app icon) on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

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