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Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Finally you upgrade your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch OS from previous version to iOS 7. But now you have to a Question. How to improve Battery life on iOS 7? off course all of feel this kind of question but Don’t worry about that. Because I’m putting here good idea. If you want to get solution of that. in that case you can follow this easy Tips .that will keep your idevice to run every day long.

This battery saving tips must help for your Apple devices,

  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s
  • iPad Mini (1st generation iPad mini), Retina iPad mini
  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air

Note : Idevice = device

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How to improve Battery life on iOS 7 : key points to save battery in iPhone, iPad and iPodtouch

Disable Background Apps Refresh

if in your iOS devices background apps automatically refresh then it should be keep in disable mode. this consume more power of your iOS 7 devise. Make it disable quick if you have no need of background apps refresh automatically. After that you can do it manually also. Which apps you don’t need minute to minute update those apps you can keep disable. And you can save your Battery life. using below step and you can reach at disable button.

Step :-

setting > General > Background App Refresh

Background App refresh Background App refresh for how to improve Battery life on iOS 7

Background App refresh

AirDrop [keep turn off Airdrop when not required]

AirDrop is currently accessible in every iOS 7 device like iPhon5, iPhone 5S and iPod touch too. This is major count in how to improve battery life on iOS 7. If you not use it when then keep turn off.Because it consume more power of battery.  Follow under given step and do turn off Airdrop.

Step :-

Control center > AirDrop > hit-of close

Airdrop in iOs device

Airdrop in iOs device

Do not Enable auto app updates: manually update at your convenience

In your iOS 7 devices automatically updates is allow like music and many apps in Background mode.

If you are connected via Wi-Fi or in cell phone network then it’s not bugging to you for remain apps update. So manually update is best for save more battery. Goes into setting and follow further below step.


Settings >iTunes & App Store > off Update & Apps


Used Static Wallpaper instead of Dynamic

Dynamic wallpaper obtains more power rather than static wall paper. whatever you feel new wall paper every time when you open with new home screen of your iPhone. moving background consume more power so keep static wallpaper. Goes into settings and


Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and Select the wallpapers > Select Stills and Select a static wallpaper

choose static wallpaper

choose static wallpaper

Keep iPhone in Enable “airplane mode” whenever you are on a plane

once more, your iPhone’s battery life may decrease extreme fast  because it is continue searching & pinging that  for a high quality cell site with good signal, especially when you are no there.  If you’re on a plane with no connectivity, you may as well grasp as much life out of your battery as possible by switching off all radios by way of push single button. Following step are more important for you if you not found what to do now then.  Goes to Control Center and then go at Airplane Mode button


Control Center > Airplane Mode button

airplane mode on in plane

airplane mode on in plane

Turn off auto-brightness; adjust brightness manually

Set brightness of your iPhone as per How light it is around you. Not need extra brightness when you around in natural full light. So if you have not much needed of brightness then reduce it as per your situation of light. And keep your iPhone battery full day full without drain. For, How to improve battery life on iOS7? look below step carefully for set up brightness of your iPhone. And keep it nearly 15-25 % whatever you feel at ease.


Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > reduce the brightness 

off auto brightness in iOs

off auto brightness in iOs

Check for iOS updates regularly for unfixable bugs

Some time, software bugs have led to complaint that battery life decreases faster than regular. These bugs intermittently work their way into Apple’s idevice iOS , the software that runs on iPhone’s and iPad and iPod touch but it can often be fixed with a software update. Therefore check regularly before any downloading via internet. Goes settings and keep it up-to-date.

Settings > General > Software Update

check software upto date

check software upto date

Reduce auto-lock period to switch off backlight

If your iPhone use time is in limit period of time in 1 turn. Then auto –lock period keep should be in 1 or 2 minutes time. It’s best for you because more time duration auto-lock catch more power of battery. When you put your iPhone on the table or in to your pocket and auto lock may be not closed then more energy can waste as well your battery life is so reduced.


Settings > General > Auto-Lock > set it for 1 Minute or 2 Minutes.

Keep time 1 to 2 minutes whatever it as per you convenience.

lock period to switch off backlight in iOS

lock period to switch off backlight in iOS

Don’t keep 4G (and LTE) connectivity in enable mode

4G is fastest speed connectivity for internet then it’s obviously all iPhone user may be used high speed Internet. but rather than 3G speed network 4G network consume more power. When you not using high-bandwidth applications, tethered to laptop, or YouTube videos at that time you can disable 4G and LTE connectivity altogether. For doing it track under given step. this is also one way for How to improve battery life on iOS 7.


Settings > Cellular > turn off button of Enable 4G (or Enable LTE on newer models) button.

Disable 4G connectivity in iOS

Disable 4G connectivity in iOS

Click on off button for ‘parallax’ motion user interface 

Apple provide great User interface in it’s all iDevice. But if you slow jiggle your iOS device in your hand. it may be note that 3D icon sitting for parallax effect on your top side of the wallpaper. Even this is good but it use internal hardware for sensing that with your movement, direction and speed. This effect more drains battery. Whatever, as per my mine keeps turn off moving wall paper features by following below step.

Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion After setting step tap switch in the on position.

Disable unnecessary vibrations

When you are present in loudly area that time you are able to keep your iPhone in vibration mode. For buzzing new sms or call alert when it come as a notification. But in Normal situation atmosphere vibration is note good things. For our health and iPhone’s battery too. Since keep your iPhone in Sound mode.


Settings > Sounds

don't enable unnecessary vibrations

don’t enable unnecessary vibrations

Do not Enable unused System services

Keep in disable mode your system service I mean your iOS Device. Some time unused system can do your recently process slow down and it will take power of battery. So doing All right for save long day a battery. Then keep it disable.


Settings  > Privacy > Location Services > Scroll down and tap System Services    

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Here I gave 10+ points to save battery life for all iOS device that runs on iOS 7, iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2. So don’t miss to comment if you have any suggestion related to this post.

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