How to Hide Purchased apps on iTunes Store, Apps, iBooks Store

Here is the way for, Hide purchased apps on iTunes Store, App Store and iBook Store, if you didn’t like to publish that in your iTunes Store (library) Top menu bar. Let’s here, we want to show that things it may you never thought. In Apple iTunes, there are tons of features for like to know but, some of them new user may not got in touch. Due to that we’re excited to share a feature of iTunes 12. It’s a how to hide purchased apps on iTunes. You can select multiple options for Hide from given Music, Movies, TV Show, Apps or Books. Now, know from the beginning steps at below.

Note – you’ll need Mac or PC to perform this way because you’ll not do this tip through your iOS 8 or earlier and later devices (iPhone, iPad).

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Steps for the Hide Purchased apps on iTunes library – Movie, Song, Podcast   

Step 1. Open iTunes app on your Mac or PC

Step 2. From the right and top side Store menu > Sign in, by Enter the correct Apple ID & Password

Step 3. Now, GO to the iTunes Store.

Step 4. Under the Quick Links section Click on Purchased, on the right side of the iTunes Store.  hide purchased TV Show on iTunes

Step 5.  Here you can select Content type by clicking on Movies, Music, TV Show, Apps or Books from the Top side of the Screen Window.

Step 6. In A Purchased list you are viewing will appear those items which has selected by you as per content. Mouse over the item that you want to hide until, an X- sign appears on the left-Top coroner of the item.  how to hide purchased Books on iTunes Store

Step 7. Once you click on the X Symbol at a time, confirmation dialog will appear on your Mac or Computer screen.      How to Hide Purchased apps on iTunes Store

Step 8. Click on Hide

That’s it. Once check out on Top menu bar and make sure that hide those content successfully which you want.

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