How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger App on iPhone, PC, Mac in 2023

How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger

Menlo Park, California – World’s giant social network company Facebook has been updated its iPhone Messenger app.  The tech company added a new feature into the Messenger app for iOS devices. An essential feature is the ‘’Log out’’ option and start facebook chat using scan code. Yes, the FB Messenger version allows its users to log out of the messenger iOS app easily.

We can say it’s a big surprise for Messenger app users. Therefore, from now, you don’t need any third-party apps to Sign-out and log in. you can log out and log in for another Facebook account on the same Messenger app. let’s here will share with you how to log out Messenger app on iPhone, iPad.

An Official Way to log out Messenger App on iPhone

what happens when you log out of messenger?

First Guide for Sign out Facebook Messenger on Mobile App iOS 15

New Facebook Messenger App in 2019 & Later

  • Step #1: First of All, Open FaceBook messenger on your iPhone
  • Step #2: Next, Tap Profile Picture appear left-upper side corner
Open messenger app tap profile picture
Open Messenger app tap profile picture
  • Step #3: Now scroll down the screen tap switch account
    on the screen, you can appear a sing-in account


  • tap switch account and swipe left side to the right
    tap switch account and swipe left side to the right
  • Step #4: now just swipe left to the right side so you’ll get a button tap on Remove after that you will get a pop-up
    Remove account? you would like to sign in again to use messenger from this device.
  • Step #5: Tap Remove
  • tap remove to logout messenger app on your iPhone iPad app
    tap remove to logout messenger app on your iPhone iPad app

    That’s it.

    Before Get started steps, you must verify that the FB Messenger app is up to date on your iPhone. If you don’t know how to check out an update then follow below given instructions.

    Launch App Store → tap on Updates check for Update if any update then please update. And, keep continues.

    For Old version;

    Step 1. Launch Messenger App from the iPhone home screen.

    Step 2. Tap on Me (Profile tab) right-bottom on the screen.

    Step 3. Scroll down the screen and Tap on Log Out.

    You’ll be asked – Log Out? You won’t get notifications about new messages.

    log out Messenger App on iPhone iPad

    So tap on Log Out.

    That’s it.

    Welcome to FB Messenger iPhone iOS 9

    Now you would be on the Welcome screen, Welcome to Messenger. You can log in with Facebook again.

    Therefore, your chat will stay secure and No one has rights and might to unlock and read your FB messages, chats, group conversations before entering a correct password. In term, now Facebook Messenger app becomes a very tight security app like we sign out and log in on Web-based applications.

    Second Guide How to Log out of Facebook Messenger on Computer, PC or mac

    • Step #1: I hope you logged-in on
    • Step #2: So on the screen tap on Settings button looks like a gear icon
      Click on Settings
      now you’ll get a drop-down list


    Click on Settings appear on top bar web messenger on mac or computer
    Click on Settings appear on top bar web messenger on mac or computer
  • Step #3: Click on Log Out.
  • click on logout messenger web portal
    Click on the logout messenger web portal

    here you’re Sign-out of the Facebook Messenger App on your Computer Web.

    Hello everybody, in the latest Update of FB Messenger ”logout” option is removed by the Facebook company and now you can Switch Account, Hence you don’t have to need to log out already logged into the account.

    How to logout of Messenger on all devices

    So, Share your voice about (how to log out messenger app on iPhone) in the comment, we would like to publish top useful tips and tricks for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and macOS

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