How to Log Out of Facebook Messenger on iPhone, Pc Computer (2023)

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The Meta tech company added a new feature to the Messenger app for iOS devices. An essential feature is the ‘’Log out’’ option, which starts facebook chat using a scan code. Yes, the FB Messenger version allows users to log out of the Messenger iOS app easily.

We can say it’s a big surprise for Messenger app users. Therefore, from now, you don’t need any third-party apps to Sign-out and log in. You can log out and log in for another Facebook account on the same Messenger app. Let’s here will share with you how to log out Messenger app on your iPhone, and iPad.

An Official Way to Log out of Messenger App on iPhone

What happens when you log out of Messenger?

If you log out of the Facebook messenger app on your iPhone, then you won’t get notifications about new messages. Also, keep your Messenger app updated with the latest app version from the app store. Follow the below steps to logout from Messager app,

1→ Launch Messager apps from your iPhone. Tap on the Hamburger menu at the top left corner of the app.

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messenger apps settings on iPhone
messenger apps settings on iPhone

2→ Tap on the Settings Gear icon next to the Profile icon. Scroll down the screen to last and see the ‘See more in Accounts Center‘. Tap on the link.

See all Account Settings on iPhone Messenger app
See all Account Settings on iPhone Messenger app

3→ Now, Tap on Password and Security Option > And Find the Option ‘Where you’re logged in‘ Option.

where you're logged in password and security on iphone Messenger
where you’re logged in password and security on iphone Messenger

4→ See the list of all Accounts that you signed, Select your account name, See your iPhone name, and Tap on it.

See Device Logged in Messenger
See Device Logged in Messenger

5→ Now, Tap on Log Out. That’s it.

Log Out FB Messenger on iPhone
Log Out FB Messenger on iPhone

Second Guide How to Log out of Facebook Messenger on a Computer, PC, or Mac

Messenger logout has different steps on different platforms if you are online in Messenger with FaceBook or Online on specific Messenger.

Steps to Log out in Messenger dot com

click on the arrow icon on the left and bottom on the screen
  • Click on Your Facebook profile Name
Click on Facebook Profile Name

Now a pop-up will show you, scroll the screen with a mouse and click on Log Out. That’s it.

Scroll the screen on the Pop-up to click on Log out Facebook Messenger on Pc computer browser

How to Log Out Messenger in Facebook Log-in Browser

  1. Click on the FB Profile Picture on the top-right side edge.
click on facebook profile on the top-right corner on desktop screen
  1. A drop-down list will open with multiple options, in the last, Click on Log Out.
now on the dropdown list click on log out to sign out facebook messenger on Pc computer

Here you’re signing out of the Facebook Messenger App on your Computer Web.

Hello everybody, in the latest Update of FB Messenger ”logout” option is removed by the Facebook company and now you can Switch Account, you don’t have to log out already logged into the account.

How to log out of Facebook Messenger in App on MacOS

  1. Open the Messenger App on your Mac or PC (ignore it if the Messenger app is open already).
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Open messenger app on your Mac computer

2) Click on the Facebook profile picture.

click on facebook profile picture

3) Click on Preferences.

Click on Preferences next to gear icon settings

4) Find and click on Log Out option. So, a pop-up will ask you.

Click on log out in the list

5) Are you sure you want to log out? Click on Log Out. That’s it.

Are you sure you want to log out? Click on log out

How to logout of Messenger on all devices

So, Share your voice about (how to log out messenger app on iPhone) in the comment, we would like to publish top useful tips and tricks for iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air, and macOS

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