How to Prepare iPhone for iOS 13.3 Beta Update That Prevent Data lose and Recovey Options

How to Prepare iPhone for iOS 13

Quickly Prepare iPad and iPhone for iOS 13 Beta Update That Prevent Data lose and Recovery Options if Data loss on iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6, iPhone 5S and iPad. Apple is all set to release the iOS 13 beta next month in WWDC19 keynote. Are you excited to download iOS 13 on iPhone? That’s ok! But before downloading iOS 13 beta on iPhone you should follow this article on how to prepare the iPhone for iOS 13 beta. Being an Apple enthusiast, you want to install iOS 13 on the very first day when Apple releases it. There are some factors concerned with the iOS 13 beta update, if you fulfill them, then only it is possible to install iOS 13 beta on the very first day.

Keep note that beta updates are full of bugs and errors so don’t update the iPhone which you are using in daily life, take the spare iPhone. Besides beta updates make the user frustrated, so calmly use the iOS 13 installed iPhone.

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What Actions Required Before Start Install iOS 13 Beta on iPhone and iPad?

How to Prepare iPhone for iOS 13
How to Prepare iPhone for iOS 13

1: Device Compatibility

First and foremost thing is to check if your device is compatible with iOS 13? Because as per Apple’s past record, few iPhone drops the support for new iOS release. This time it looks like iPhone 5S, iPhone SE and iPhone 6 will not support iOS 13. And iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air are expected to lose the support for iOS 13. So if you have any of the above-mentioned devices, then you should plan to buy a new iPhone or iPad to enjoy the latest features of iOS 13.

2: Start Backing Up your iPhone

Backing up iPhone is exceptionally important when you want to upgrade the iOS. Though beta version is not stable and can cause trouble, to update iPhone smoothly it is advisable to take back up. There are two different methods to backup iPhone, iTunes and iCloud. Using iTunes you can store the backup on the computer and iCloud stores backup over cloud storage. In the event of an error or something goes wrong you can downgrade the iOS to iOS 12 with the backup.

3: Enough Space

Most of the iOS devices have no free space because this space is allocated by media files (Photos, Videos, and Apps). Also, We can get a quick preview of Videos, and Other important space management settings that are available on your iPhone settings.

To check Available Storage: Open Settings app on iPhone > Tap on General > About and Scroll to Available just after Capacity. For successfully Download and install New copy of iOS, You need at least 3 GB Free space.

iPhone Storage Optimization for iOS 13
iPhone Storage Optimization for iOS 13

iPhone Storage Options: Open Settings app on iPhone > General > iPhone Storage > 1. iCloud Photos, 2. Offload Unused Apps, 3. Photos and Other apps.

Read the options and select as of your needs.

4: Sign up to Apple’s Developer Program

Let me tell you one thing, Apple releases the iOS beta program for the developer and after 20-25 days it is available publically. However, you have to Sign up for Apple Developer program which may cost you $99/annually. Besides, there is a way through which you can install iOS 13 beta developer without a developer account, but it may harm your iPhone. So I would suggest you purchase Apple’s Developer Program. Or else you have to wait until Apple releases the iOS 13 beta public version. Stay tunes with us, we will surely update the link as soon as iOS 13 beta is available.

Hope you remember that Apple has completely dropped the support for 32-bit iPhone and iPad from last year which means iPhone 5 and the iPad mini original will not receive this update.

If you don’t spend money or you are not a developer, So you can wait for iOS 13 Publick Beta. This Publick Beta is available after 15 days of release developer beta.

  • Install iOS 13 Developer Beta
  • iOS 13 Publick Beta
  • iOS 13 Final.

5: Downgrade Anytime if Having Big Problem

Yes, We can downgrade to Publick iOS 12 at any time. Remove iOS 13 Developer Beta profile from your iPhone and Install New iOS using iTunes or Wait for Next update.

First Download Latest Version of iOS .ipsw file on your PC or Mac. Open iTunes and connect your iPhone to iTunes using Lighting cable. Now Press Control Key [Keyboard] + Click on the Restore button on iTunes. Browse the downloaded ipsw file and install it right away. Also, Choose Latest Backup file from iTunes popup if you restore all the data back on your iPhone. In this process, your iPhone will reboot many times.

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