How to Repeat or Shuffle Songs in Apple Music iPhone, Mac (2023)

Last Updated on Dec 30, 2022

Be it on a playlist or a single song, you can firmly shuffle and repeat a song on Apple music with a single press. Learning how to shuffle and repeat on the platform is incredibly useful when you want or don’t want to listen to the playlist in the same order. It allows you to disassociate your listening experience and pattern. Although the new feature brings, a few more support like you can watch real-time lyrics of songs in Apple Music.

Nonetheless, if you aren’t familiar with how to shuffle and repeat the songs on Apple, here is the guide you need to follow.

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Steps to Repeat or Shuffle Song in Apple Music on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

1→ Launch the “Music” app on your iPhone.

2→ Go to your favorite playlist or song. or Expand the player in the app, that’s playing the song.


3→ Now, tap “hamburger icon” options, indicated by Three-Horizontal Lines.


4→ There you will find the “Repeat” Symbol, tap twice to repeat a particular song.

5→ When you tap only once, the whole playlist will repeat.

Moreover, more options show you whether you have enabled the Repeat/Shuffle for a Song with a small indicator of repeat icon.

On Mac Repeat Song in Apple Music

Just like the iOS app, Now Mac Users have a new dedicated app for playing or managing music that is locally saved on Mac or Playing an online song from the Apple Music subscription service. Repeating the same song or album is handy while playing our favorite music on Mac. here’s the option for repeating songs on the music app on Mac.

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On MacOS Ventura

On the Music app player control, see the greyed icons near the Play/Push Control. and Click on it to enable (Green) Repeat (Next to the Player control) or Shuffle (Before player control).


On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

Repeat Song in Apple Music on Mac
Repeat Song in Apple Music on Mac

The trick to Shuffle Song in Music App on Your Apple iPhone, iPad

To shuffle Apple Music Songs on iPhone and iPad is very easy as repeating the songs. The Shuffle button is located near to the Repeat button. Look at the procedure and learn how to Shuffle Apple Music songs on iPhone and iPad.

1→ Go to the “Music” app on your iPhone.

2→ Open the Playlist on the Music app.

3→ Tap “hamburger icon” options, and then before repeating the icon, tap on “Shuffle”.


4→ This will enable Shuffle for the playlist.

What to do when Songs is not Repeating or Shuffling Songs in the iOS 13 Music App?

If Apple Music Songs are not repeating or shuffling then, force close the Music app and try to configure the settings by enabling and disabling Repeat and Shuffle mode. Alternatively, restart the iPhone that will fix the minor glitch of a Music app.

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