How to Reset Your Bumble Account in [June 2020]

Last Updated on Feb 26, 2020

Let’s see how do you reset your bumble account? Not getting the expected response in your Bumble account? Looking to start over with the new account or want to reset Bumble account on iPhone, Android? This short tutorial will explain the entire process to reset and delete Bumble Account on iPhone as well as Android. However, you should check out the risks and benefits of deleting the Bumble account. If the Bumble detects any misbehavior or the app is incorrectly used, you may have to face their penalty which might result in low profile matches and also Bumble app will show your profile to fewer users.

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For any reason, you are resetting the Bumble account and looking forward to creating a new profile, I would recommend you to keep all of your astonishing photos and profile ready, to put on the new Bumble profile, or else you would again end up with lack of results.

How to Reset Bumble Account?

How to Put Bumble Account in Snooze Mode?

Deleting Bumble account only to take a break is not the correct solution, because the Bumble has a unique feature called a snooze mode that keeps your profile invisible for the time you select. After snoozing the Bumble account, you can continue to message to the matched people, but your profile won’t come up worldwide until the Snooze time is over.

  1. Go to the Bumble
  2. On the top-left screen, tap on the Profile
  3. Open the Settings and select Snooze Mode.
  4. How long do you want to be invisible for? Take your time.

How to Disconnect Facebook from Bumble Account on iPhone, Android

If you are using Facebook to log in to the Bumble account, you’ll probably need to disconnect the Facebook account from the Bumble app and later delete the Bumble profile from the Bumble app.

  1. Navigate to the Facebook app on your device.
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines, next to the Notification icon.
  3. Scroll down and select Settings & Privacy.
  4. Again tap Settings.
  5. Swipe down to open Apps and websites.
  6. Tap on Edit, where Logged in with Facebook is written.
  7. Tap on the Active tab and choose Bumble.
  8. At the end of the screen, tap on Remove
  9. Confirm removing of Bumble Account from Facebook.

How to Disconnect Facebook from Bumble Account on PC

Prefer using a PC? Here’s how you can delete the Bumble account from Facebook or disconnect Facebook from the Bumble account.

  1. Go to the com and login with your credentials.
  2. Then, click on the drop-down button next to the question mark.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. On the left navigation panel, go to Apps and websites.
  5. Check the box of Bumble and click Remove.

How to Delete Bumble Account Manually On Your Phone

For the safe side, you must delete the Bumble Account manually after removing it from Facebook.

Note: If you are a premium customer of Bumble account, then make sure to cancel the membership and then only delete the Bumble account. And, the remaining time period can’t be carried over to the new account.

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  1. Launch the Bumble App on your iOS/Android phone.
  2. On the upper-left side, tap on the Profile icon.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Scroll down and choose the Delete account option.
  5. You need to give appropriate reason before deleting the account, so choose one.
  6. Confirm Delete Account.

Once you delete the Bumble account, make sure to delete the Bumble app from the iPhone and Android. The Bumble could relatively track you because of past cache and other data that are stored on your phone. So, it is better to delete the app too and only install after 24 hours of uninstalling the Bumble app.

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