How to send audio message in iMessage OS X Yosemite

Now Mac users also can sent audio bit message over iMessage app to iOS device – iPhone and iPad. For that you don’t need any extra hardware and third party apps. This is the inbuilt features added in last released Mac OS X. from this tutorial you can learn how to share/ attach/ send audio message in iMessage OS X Yosemite. Means you can save time, express yourself in this batter way. Before this time we can only send Audio message in iMessage app from iPhone and iPad.

This is the free service, you don’t have to pay or subscription plan you have to active from any officially – Apple or Third Party Company.

Send Audio message in iMessage OS X Yosemite
Send Audio and Text from Message app

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Here’s how to send Audio message in iMessage OS X Yosemite (10.10) in free

Step 1

Open Message app on your Mac OS X Yosemite

Step 2

You can send Audio message in iMessage OS X with text from New or existing message as well.

Step 3

On new or existing message conversation area (Right side or Message app screen). From there you can see microphone icon for record your sound or speech by click on it.

Start audio recording in Message app - Yosemite
Tap on Microphone icon

Step 4

When you want stop your speech tap on red stop button given there.

you can stop recording by press stop icon
Tap on stop

Step 5

Now you can “send” it to the recipients on iOS or another Mac device.

Send Message audio and text to iOS
Send Message to iOS

Mac tip: Hand off also very useful features to transfer your partial work from Mac to iOS device and iOS device to Mac. In that iMessage update also expand you not only in Mac but also on another apple’s device, iPhone, iPad act.

Send audio file attachment and text through iMessage is very cool features in Yosemite now experienced. What you say friends, comment in below how like this facility – deliver Audio message in iMessage OS X Yosemite. How was your experience after enjoy this option at first time.