How to set/ change personal hotspot password in iPhone

Personal hotspot password in iPhone and iPad setting steps quite differ on iOS 8 and iOS 7. Here in this tutorial you will learn with iOS 8 iPhone screens, but you must do using this way in iOS 7 also. So don’t be panic and go with below steps given on set/ Update or Change personal hotspot password in iPhone and iPad. Most of the users are give priority to access internet over hotspot from iPhone’s data connection to other iOS device, iPad and iPod touch, Where Wi-Fi network is poor or not available.

But everyone knows that internet data for iPhone is most expensive compare to any other internet. So without hotspot password anyone can join with your iPhone’s Wi-Fi network after turning on hotspot in your iPhone, without permission and password.

Here I am explaining most secure way, before any one will use your leak Hotspot password.

Note: you must have to change your Personal hotspot password in iPhone on short time interval.

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Step for Set/ Change personal hotspot password in iPhone, iPad – iOS 8, iOS 7

Step 1

Go to the setting in your iPhone or iPad, there you want to make your device password protected hotspot device.

Step 2

Under the setting you can see Cellular option, Tap on Cellular.

Using this option you can set all the setting in your iPhone
Cellular option in iPhone setting.

Note: you have already set Wi-Fi setup in your device, and then you can see Personal hotspot under the setting. For new setup go to the step 3 otherwise step 5.

Step 3

Tap on Cellular data network,

from here you can create secure personal hotspot in iPhone
Create personal hotspot

Step 4

Scroll down, under the Personal Hotspot tab you have to enter Username and password only.

Enter username and password for make secure iNetwork
Set Hotspot password

Step 5

Now beck your screen, under the setting > Tap on Personal hotspot

Now personal hotspot option available.
Personal hotspot inside setting

Step 6

Tap on Personal hotspot, and enable it to share internet with other iDevice – iPhone, iPad.

Enable personal hotspot to share internet on other iOS device
Enable personal hotspot

You want to change Personal hotspot password in iPhone and iPad, then tap on password. And tap on ‘X’. And change password.

Hotspot password can we change from here
Change Wi-Fi password

Step 7

From the other end, turn on Wi-Fi and Tap on first network name.

Connect internet through Wi-Fi in iOS device - Personal hotspot password in iPhone
On Another device

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Have you any perplexity on how to set/ Change Personal hotspot password in iPhone and iPad on iOS 7, iOS 8 device that share with us from below comment thread.