How to Change Your iPhone Personal Hotspot Password iOS 16.3


Personal hotspot passwords in iPhone and iPad set steps quite differ between iOS versions. Here in this tutorial, you will learn with iPhone screens, but you must do using this way in iOS also. So don’t be panic and go with the below steps given on set/ Update or Change personal hotspot password in iPhone and iPad. Most of the users are give priority to access the internet over hotspots from iPhone’s data connect another iOS device, iPad, and iPod touch, Where Wi-Fi network is poor or not available.

But everyone knows that internet data for iPhone is most expensive compared to any other internet. So without a hotspot password, anyone can join your iPhone’s Wi-Fi network after turning on the hotspot in your iPhone, without permission and password.

Here I am explaining the most secure way before anyone will use your leak Hotspot password.

Note: you must have to change your Personal hotspot password in iPhone at a short time interval.

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Step for Set/ Change Personal hotspot password in iPhone, iPad – iOS

Head to Settings App
Scroll screen tap Personal hotspot
if Ph grayed-out, please turn on Cellular/Mobile data toggle
Tap Personal Hotspot
Click Wi-Fi Password
Now delete the default password and re-enter (minimum 8 characters required) the new last, tap Done.delete-old-hotspot-password-and-re-enter-new-8-digits-password-on-your-iphone-and-ipad
That’s it.
Now, your phone hotspot password changed, what happens already paired hotspots device?
your previous hotspot synced device will disconnect. In short, nobody can connect your hotspot until you share a new hotpot password with another.

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Have you any perplexity on how to set/ Change Personal hotspot password in iPhone and iPad on iOS 7, iOS 8 device that share with us from below comment thread.

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