How to set passcode on WhatsApp iPhone: iOS 9/8/7

WhatsApp security is very needed term all time for all users, So no one can see the private message on your Whatsapp iPhone account. Before this time WhatsApp didn’t give option set passcode on Whatsapp application. Hope that WhatsApp will be update, new and very useful feature in short future time. for now, here I gave best alternate option for set passcode on Whatsapp iPhone or iPad running on iOS 7/ iOS 8 or iOS 9, iOS 10.

[Officially Released Now – Feb 2017] Latest Updates on WhatsApp with New Features are: Enable WhatsApp Passcode with Two-Step Verification, Disable Passcode, Reset WhatsApp Passcode.

And also, there is no app in App store for protect your whatsapp application through passcode or Touch ID. So you needs to make your device jailbreak, For jailbroken iOS device here is the great features app for lock Whatsapp iPhone app with passcode.

How to set passcode on WhatsApp iPhone: iOS 9/ iOS 8

You can hide Whatsapp like hide stock app from home screen but you can’t set passcode from iPhone settings or WhatsApp settings. Then you can open through spotlight search – iOS 9/ 8/ 7.

But for set passcode on WhatsApp iPhone app, Your device should be jailbreak iOS 9 or iOS 8/ 7.

Step 1: Go to Cydia app and Open it.

Step 2: Search iApplock, For made all the app secure with password including WhatsApp.set passcode on WhatsApp iPhone and iPad

Step 3: This will be available under the Cydia repo and install free app on iPhone.

Note: Minimum iOS version should be iOS 7.

Step 4: When you launch App, Under the protect tab option, Your protected app not present. There you have to add WhatsApp by tap on plus region.

After Add WhatsApp app, You can set or change passcode for access Whatsapp.

Go to the Setting

Lock Status Should be enabled.

Second, Tap on change lock passcodeAdd password on WhatsApp app

Now, Whenever you open WhatsApp messenger on your iPhone, First you have to enter 4 digit password for verification.

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You are done, Any help on set passcode on WhatsApp iPhone running on iOS 7/ iOS 8 or iOS 9, Feel free and share with us on comment box.