How to Show Only Wallpaper on iPhone by Removing Home Screen Pages and App Icons in iOS 17.1.2/14

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelBeing an iPhone geek, often I feel jealous of Android features, and wondering all the time why Apple wouldn’t add this, add that, in iPhone. One of the best things about using Apple gadgets is whether it is Mac or iPhone or iPad, we have all the abilities and inbuilt options to keep them as organized as possible. Not to mention, but the iOS 14’s App Library is one great example of it. Unfortunately, from the very first iPhone, Apple didn’t make much of a change in the home screen, all the applications, and widgets swoop on the home screen. Unlike iPhone, iPad; Android phones have an App Drawer that stores all the applications, whilst keeping the home screen neat.

I’m not saying that you cannot show wallpaper, it’s fairly easy to do, but a tedious process. You have to drag and drop each app to another App Page, to show only wallpaper on the iPhone. I guess, most of us have more than 100 applications installed, shifting them one by one is a deadly job or else, you have to accommodate the applications to the last App Page, in that way, only applications of one app page needs to be transferred to the end.

How to Show Only Wallpaper on iPhone by Removing Home Screen Pages and App Icons in iOS 14

Did you hear about the App Library of iOS 14? This App Library is a holistic solution to organize the iPhone Home Screen, in a way you want it to appear. If you don’t want any single Application or App Pages to devastate the beautiful wallpaper, simply remove all the App Pages from the home screen.

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App Library stocks all the applications branching according to the categories, even many people are taking advantage of App Library to hide applications, trust me it works.

Follow the steps to organize the iPhone Home Screen accordingly.

How to Remove App Icons/App Pages from iPhone Home Screen?

Eliminating the unwanted applications from the iPhone home screen is necessary to systematize the view, and of course, you can show only wallpaper on the iPhone. There are few ways to remove app icons from the iPhone, here’s how it can be done.

#1. Remove App Icons: Touch and hold the application, and choose Remove from Home Screen or Add to Library, whichever appears. Do the same for each application.

#2. Hide App Pages: Enter the iPhone in the Jiggle Mode, and tap on the three-dot right above the dock. Edit Pages screen should come, deselect the App Pages, and tap Done.

Pro Tip: If you want to keep a few needy applications on the home screen, then, be sure to remove all the unnecessary applications from home. At the same time, if you want to show wallpaper on the iPhone home screen, let the first app page stays empty.

Or you’re happy with App Library and don’t require any app on the home screen then simply shift all the applications from the first app page to the next, and hide all the app pages from the home screen.

To shift multiple app icons, touch and hold the empty screen until the home screen starts to jiggle, now, drag one app in the empty space or anywhere, keep holding it. Use the other hand to drag another app, likewise collect all the apps in one place. Next, shift them to other app pages.

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