How to Turn ON Grayscale On iPhone X/ iPhone 8 Plus

Last modified on: May 19th, 2018 02:28 pm

Here’s complete guide to turn on and turn off Grayscale mode on iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus running with latest iOS. Useful article to save battery life as well as for blind people.

An iOS Grayscale Mode in other term black and white screen Accessibility feature utilize to save iPhone battery life until reach near to plug socket and second thing grayscale is ideal for blind people who have low eye vision feeling hard to pick color screen.

Grayscale Mode is available in iOS 8 and later all iPhone. But in iOS 11/ iOS 12 and later devices the Grayscale setting under the other location. Are you exploring button to turn on Grayscale Mode on your iPhone X / iPhone 8 plus or later? then try my following information.


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How to Turn ON Grayscale On iPhone X/ iPhone 8 Plus

Step #1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone.

Step #2. Tap General.

Step #3. Now Tap on Accessibility then Display Accommodation.

Accessibility display accomodations color filter on iPhone X iPhone 8 Plus

Step #4. Tap Filters then toggle on Color Filters & choose Grayscale.

Turn on Color Filters tick on Grayscale on iPhone iOS 12

That’s it!


By the way, if you’re blind and would like to convert your iPhone display color black and white then you can do that.

Now How to Disable- Turn Off Grayscale on iPhone X/ iPhone 8 Plus

Go to Settings > General > Navigate Accessibility > Display Accommodation > Filters > Color Filters > Turn toggle Grayscale Off.

So this was the story of the turn-on grayscale mode and turn off grayscale on an iOS device. According to me, this is a little bit long way to enable- disable black and white screen feature. But Apple added a hidden key triple click button shortcut to access accessibility shortcut.  

There are many useful Accessibility features like AssistiveTouch, dark mode (Smart invert colors) so you can also enable dark mode shortcut on iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus.


Sometimes after turning on grayscale on the device, iPhone stuck on black and white screen mode so that user can’t get a color screen. In case, you are facing grayscale not working or won’t turn off or turn on then comment us! We will help you to resolve it. Thanks for reading!

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