How to Unhide/ hide Purchased Apps in app store: Mac

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Using this way you can hide/ unhide or show your purchased or free app in app store, learn how to hide purchased app in the app store on MacOS.

This article manages your privacy about no one can see all the purchase or free app in app store. So here I discussed how to hide purchase app in the app store and then unhide to see in purchase app tab on your Mac, MacBook running on Any Mac Version. Hide and unhide purchased or downloaded free and pro app entirely different. Just follow the below steps for hiding app in app store.

Steps for Show or Hide purchased the app in the app store on Mac: MacOS Mojave, MacOS High Sierra, EI Capitan, Yosemite

MacOS Mojave or later [Check Video in Redesigned app store]

Mojave OS X users, Open App Store on Mac > Find Profile name (Bottom Right corner of the screen) > “Hover on App” > Click on “More option” > Click on “Hide this app

MacOS High Sierra or Earlier

First, I will share here, how to hide purchased app in the app store from the list of free, and pro app downloaded from the app store and running on your Mac.

Note: For unhide, you don’t need to remove or uninstall Apps on Mac, after hiding apps in app store, although you can run and use an app on Mac with Yosemite, Mavericks, EI Capitan, MacOS Sierra, and MacOS High Sierra.

Steps for hide purchased app in the app store: MacBook, Mac

Step 1: Go to the App store, Launch spotlight searches and find the app store.

Step 2: From the top tab menu option, Click on purchases, From there you can see the full list of installed apps. See all app in purchase app tab in app store

Step 3: For hide selected app, Right click on it and choose Hide Purchase.hide app by right click on it

Add app in to hidden app listStep 4: Now you can’t see that app under purchase. But you can all the hidden app under hidden apps list.

Steps for Unhide purchased app in app store: Find hidden app list in Mac App store

Step 1: From app store, Click on Featured

Step 2: Next, Go to Account Setting. Enter valid Apple ID and Password.

Step 3: Under the hidden items, Go to manage.Go for account setting in Mac App store

Step 4: From here, you can see all the hidden free and pro app list.See all hidden app list under manage section

Step 5: unhide selected app, click on unhide button and Done.hide purchased app in app store from setting

Now, that app automatically added to the list of unhiding app or purchases list.

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Show/ hide purchased the app in the app store it’s so easy but some were difficult for the new user, mostly new for the OS X.

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