How to Set Auto Aerial view Desktop Wallpaper on Mac Sonoma

Last Updated on Jul 13, 2023

What makes the AirShot unique is it’s a Menu Bar application that automatically captures the aerial view of either your current location or else a random location based on the settings selected by you. At the same point, the captured image can automatically setted as a Macbook Wallpaper, and at last, it results in best And most Unique Wallpaper For MacBook.

Moving forward, it comes with multiple advanced in-play features which allow using the application in a more personalized manner. Unfortunately, many users didn’t know how to use the AirShot and at the same point they are not familiar with a feature craved in it. No worries! We have covered all the important points regarding AirShot in this article. So have fun while using the AirShot as a pro user on your Mac!

Everything About AirShot Menu Bar App On Mac

In this article, all the aspect of AirShot is covered in a brief manner. So get a deep knowledge of each aspect and use it accordingly and switch smartly within the feature. Download here.

Refresh Location 


In this aspect of the Application, you can frequently refresh the location; which can automatically get set as Wallpaper. The last time you have to refresh the location will present in the AirShot Menu, above the refresh location option.

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Keep in mind, while using this, the location Feature Of Mac should be enabled and it doesn’t work with the random location settings of AirShot.

Open In Maps


Now no need to switch around from Mac to iPhone to either share the location or else plan the fastest route to the destination when you have AirShot installed on your Mac. Because the application comes with a built-in feature known as Open In Maps. Using this feature you can create directions and routes by keeping turn on your Mac’s location feature. 

Save Wallpaper To Downloads


For more convenience and to create attraction toward it, the AirShot now allows saving the Wallpaper in Mac’s Storage. For this what you need to do is simply tap on the AirShot Icon present in the Menu Bar and on the next page select Save Wallpaper To Download. 

Use Current Location

There is Use Current Location feature in the AirShot, by tapping on it you can simply move around the surrounding. Also, this feature will use your location and set the Wallpaper accordingly. Moving forward, the location will get altered if you travel from one place to another.

Use Random Location

Want to get rid of the same current location wallpaper on Mac, the AirShot allows you to alter it with a single tap on the Random location. But the only drawback of the application doesn’t allow to set the preferred location wallpaper on Mac.



Keeping the same Aerial view of wallpaper is quite boring, but you can alter it by moving around from three settings; High, Medium, and Low. If you are not familiar with how to do so, click on the AirShot Icon > Altitude > there you will see Low, Medium, and High so select accordingly.

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In this section of the AirShot, you can change the style of the Aerial View of your location. There are three-section Satellites, Automatic, and Maps. Tapping on it will change the Wallpaper accordingly. In case if your screen turns blue after choosing any of them, simply change the Wallpaper of it and retry with the same step. I’m damn sure it works wonders for you.

Offline Mode

Are you in such a place where there is no network service available in Mac? No worries, the AirShot comes with a feature known as Offline Mode. In this mode, there are 45-High Resolution Images to ensure that the user never gets bored of those old-school wallpaper. Enabling this feature will grayed out all other features rather than Refresh Location, but it will not work. 

Launch At The System Startup

If you have become a dedicated user of AirShot, and always want to make sure that it remains turned on with every startup of a device, there option called Launch At The System Startup, tap on it. 

Dark Mode

Every user has there a preference to work on the Mac Desktop. To reach out to every user’s preference the AirShot works with both Normal and Dark Mode with some limitations. It only works with Style settings set up with Maps Option.

Quite AirShort

If you want to let out the AirShot Icon from the menu bar, simply tap on the Quite AirShort Icon. To re-add it, simply search for the AirShot using the Spotlight, and tap on it. Hint- How to Remove items from Mac Menu Bar.

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Here we end the article to get out all your confusion regarding the AirShot on Mac. And if you still found some errors, contact to the AirShot Support Team! 


  1. Is AirShot Maps Compatible With My Mac Lock Screen?

Yes, you can see your current location or the random location using AirShot on your Mac Lock Screen.

  1. AirShot Application Is Showing Blank White Background, no street rivers are showing? What To Do?

This type of issue can get fixed by simply choosing the Satellite from the Style Option in an AirShot.

  1. How Can I Change To Previous Wallpaper After Quitting AirShot?(Restore The Orginal Background)

Well simply change to the previous Wallpaper as you are manually doing on the Mac. Go to Apple Logo > System Preferences… > Desktop & Screen Saver > Desktop > select the desired one from the option.

  1. Can I Trust AirShot Location?

Yes, you can undoubtedly trust the AirShot location, because location details are moved forward only to Apple Maps and that only to download the background image. And at last, it’s Apple certified product. 

  1. How To Check AirShot Version On Mac?

To check the version of AirShot navigate to the AirShot > About > in the next screen you see the Pop-Up consuming the detailed information regarding the version.

  1. From Where Does AirShots Takes Geographical Images?

The AirShots takes the Geographical images from the GeoNames which is a dedicated geographical database that covers almost every country. 

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