how to use split view in OS X EI Capitan: disable/ Enable

New and Very useful features of OS X EI Capitan is split view, using this features you can do your work on different applications or documents side by side in the same screen easily. Split view automatically arrange own space equally when you put running program or apps in split view mode. You can also do your job by drag and drop from one app to another one. if you don’t want split view features then you can remove/ Disable split view in OS X EI capitan. in this tutorial. First I show how to use split view in OS X EI Capitan , if you don’t like then you can disable or re enable again in future for use on same device.

Split view Compatible device: Split view is available on all the devices, Running on OS X EI Capitan. (Mac mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac). Know all more OS X EI Capitan features and install capitan on Mac

You can put your apps in split view are mostly users are using for Browser (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla), Documents, image editing Apps, Developers tools and more.Split View on Mac

Keep your apps up to date with latest update, Because new apps update will improve and compatible with Split view.

Step for use Split view in OS X Ei Capitan : iMac, MacBook, MacMini

Step 1: Go to top right corner of program, Click on minimize green icon and hold/ Pressed. Until you will see the split screen.

Leave windows at region by drag in to.

from the another one view you can set any of another. With step 1.

Now you can easily view apps/ Programs side by side on single screen.

More: See the video tutorial for how to use split view.

Disable/ Enable Split view on Mac OS X EI Capitan

From the settings, you can remove split view feature from Mac running with EI Capitan.

Go to the System preference under the Apple menu.

Now, Choose mission control.

Uncheck Displays have a separate space option. For disable Split view on OS X EI Capitan.use split view in OS X EI Capitan on Mac, MacBook

For apply changes you must log out your system.

Have you any confusion and problem, Want more help on use split view in OS X EI Capitan or Split view not working on Mac, Kindly share with us on below comment box.


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