How to Setup & Use Face ID on iPhone: Apple Pay, Unlock Apps & Issues

Set up Face ID on any compatible iPhone like iPhone 15, 14 Pro Series to unlock apps, use Apple Pay and more.

New iPhone X has amazing features that give Edge to edge display with no Touch ID. So Security now commitment for all privacy that we were used for unlocking lock screen, Verify at the store for purchase via apple pay, Download App from App store on iPhone, Unlock Apple apps and Third-Party Apps (especially Banking apps, Cloud Apps, Social apps, etc..), After Setup Face ID, Turn off or Enable Face ID for Download Apps from the app store, Use on the lock screen and other all the security gates.

Find the new way to use Face ID that replaced with Touch ID (Fingerprint sensor on the home button).

Because iPhone X has no home button, Restart iPhone without the home button.

Face ID Features on iPhone X, Issues, Setup and How to use guide

Face ID is a future of smartphones by apple that Protects sensitive data and access.

Apple tested Face ID with Various environments and situations like change hairstyles, Wear glasses, Cap, and more. 3D scanning technology scan and save your Face from all the angels and use secure enclave hardware chip to compare the result and authenticate owner and another person.

Face ID much better than Touch ID, it’s more reliable and accurate based on the measurements of 1 of 1000000 another random person. And the rate for Touch ID is 1 of 50,000

Face ID Setup is quite easy on new iPhone X: Enroll Face ID

Enter Face ID On iPhone from Settings, Face ID & Passcode.

  • Settings app on iPhone > Face ID & Passcode > Set Up Face ID > Scan Your Face First time Successfully/ Scan Your Face the Second time > That’s it.

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That’s it.

Also, We can Setup Another Face in Face ID

  • Settings app on iPhone > Face ID & Passcode > Setup an Alternate Appearance.2 Set up an Alternate Appearance in iOS 12

Face ID Activate/ Turn on or Validate on App Store app Download

Face ID invoke for download app from App store on iPhone: Double-tap on the Side button to activate Face ID and Scan your Face using iPhone X. it’s done.

Turn on Face ID for App store app download on iPhone, to use Face ID instead of Passcode. Refer, Validate Face ID for the Download app on iPhone.

Face ID for Apple pay

Activate Face ID for Apple Pay payment: On the home screen or lock screen, Double tap on the Side button. Keep near your iPhone to NFC Payment machine.

Disable/ Enable Face ID on iPhone

Once you setup Face ID using the Above steps, Make sure and enable iPhone unlock toggle under Use Face ID for the section.

The Same way we can turn on Face ID for iTunes & App Store, Safari Auto-Fill Data.

Face ID will also detect your face from Water or Ever in a dark area.

2 Detect Face in Night mode Face ID on iPhone X

iPhone X recognizes your face with the front camera and flood illuminator even in the dark area.

IR camera takes the IR image and Dot projector project over 30,000 invisible IR.

The neural model creates the mathematical model of your face. The neural network will create face ID and save into machine learning Face ID’s neutral.

When Ever you unlock your iPhone X screen, Just look at your iPhone and get unlocked or authenticate.

Activate Apple pay for Payment near to NFC at retails store,

For that, Double tap on side button and See your iPhone X’s Screen.

A true Depth camera system is the whole package of technology that’s help to Enable Face ID and Authenticate Face ID easily and quickly.

3 TrueDepth Camera System on iPhone X

Face ID not working on iPhone: Failed

Strong accuracy on Verification, Face ID takes the pass from all the result. If you don’t unlock using Face ID, then you need to enter the passcode for authenticating.

Restart your iPhone with Face ID models

Restart Press Side Button until you see the slide to turn off toggle on screen.

Reset All Settings

This also helps on resetting or removing saved Face ID. After that reset or setup Face ID. Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Face ID Doesn’t scan on Lock Screen or App Store

Check other important settings on your iPhone, Under Face ID & passcode Enable Face ID for iPhone unlock and iTunes & App Store enable. This is the restriction of Face ID just like Touch ID and passcode in iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus.

Face ID is not Available

Enjoy the new package of security with Face ID on iPhone with latest iOS version.

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