iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus Wireless Charging Stopped Working [Here’s fix]

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus designed for charge iPhone in two alternate ways. First one is a lightning cable charger and second is a Wireless charger that is new. Also, Wireless charging facing different issues that I have discussed in this tutorial. Follow the steps and get preventing the solution that causing the iPhone 8/8 Plus Wireless charging Stopped, Charging not start and stopped working.

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Apple officially declared two new wireless charging Mophie and Belkin. But sometimes it isn’t compatible with other third-party chargers.

Troubleshooting: iPhone 8/8 Plus Wireless charging problems, here’s the fix

1 Wireless Charging pad and Fixes Wireless charging Stopped working

Photo Credit: Apple

1: Use only official charging kit, USB charging cable & power adapter or Other accessories recommended by Manufacturer.

2: Use Accurate location while we put iPhone 8/8 Plus on charging Pad. Or read Manufacturer guide.

3: Keep your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus display facing up for the best performance and iPhone Wireless Charger not fast charging. Setup your iPhone 8/8 Plus at the center of the pad location that recommended by the manufacturer.

4: Wait for a few seconds, after the place it iPhone on a wireless charging pad. Identify your iPhone is charged up by a flash icon on iPhone status bar.

5: Wireless Charger use Magnetic induction to charge your Wireless Device, Specially I am talking about new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. And the same functionality is also ahead in Wireless Car charger and any other types of wireless charger.

So you need to care about any object between your iPhone’s back glass and charging pad. Because it reduces charging performance and Damage after longer use.

6: iPhone is charging slowly, and your iPhone is covered on any cover that slows down and creates a disturbance on the charge on the ideal rate.

7: your iPhone is shifting position on getting new notifications or alerts. That’s a way because; your iPhone is on Vibrate mode. Or charging base station pad vibrates.

Turn off vibrates (Disable Vibrate on Silent or Vibrate on Ring) or Enable Do Not Disturb.

Go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > Vibration (Turn off Vibration).

8: Keep your iPhone charging at the safe place and your iPhone getting too warm, keep your iPhone at a cool place.

9: Your iPhone doesn’t charge wirelessly while it’s connected to USB on Mac or PC.

Force Restart or Hard Reboot

iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone 8 Plus:

1: Press and Quickly Release Volume Up button,

2: Press and Quickly Release Volume down Button,

3: Press and Hold Side Button until you see the Apple logo on Screen.

To start the iPhone, again press Side button until startup apple logo on the screen.

Also, try this best in budget iPhone 8 Wireless chargers. Or QI Certified Wireless Charger for iPhone.

iPhone Wireless charging Pad not working

Try to charge another iPhone that has Wireless Charging functionality. (iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X). Contact charging pad manufacturer for troubleshooting.

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Everything is fine but still charging problem persist

Contact to the apple support center or get free replacement or repair service from Apple. Check iPhone warranty status.

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