iPhone Mail App not Working on Cellular/ Mobile Data in iOS 13.1 or later- Here’s fix

how to fix iPhone Mail App not Working iOS 9

Are you exploring the best solution for iPhone Mail App not working on Cellular data (email not working on mobile data iPhone)? Here are the fixes. The Cupertino-based Apple.inc gives an integrated Mail app in its iOS and Mac OS X pack. Mail app allows login for multiple accounts under one roof. For instance, apart from Apple iCloud mail, you also can add different mail services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. All mail accounts e-mail you can get into the Mail app and separate mail inbox.

Generally, there are two ways to runs mail on iOS either using Wi-Fi or via Cellular data. Most users preferred Wi-Fi service than Cellular data. While numerous users try to read a new arrived Mail or trying to send a new email on iPhone/ iPad, but it can’t work on cellular data and sometimes Wi-Fi not available. In the short term, the essential iPhone Mail app not working on Cellular data.

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Mail doesn’t send to the recipient or sending failed via cellular data. Sometimes issues occurred due to the little faulty settings for the Mail app. The parameters may be changed by other people or by yourself accidently.

So I will help you to solve your problem and guide you in which critical points create panic for you and your iPhone Mail app. There are several fixes that I will recommend to you below. Is your iPhone Cellular data grayed out for apps?

Ways to Fix Email not working on Mobile Data iPhone

how to fix iPhone Mail App not Working iOS 9

Fix #1. Check Out Mail app toggle enabled under Cellular Data.

  • Step 1. Launch the Settings app from your iPhone Home screen.
  • Step 2. Tap on Cellular data or Mobile Data.Mail App not Working on Cellular data iPhone 6S, iPhone 5s
  • Step 3. Scroll down the screen and find the Mail app, now check out toggle is turned ON off Mail Settings.

Mail App won;t allow turn Cellular data on

After trying the above steps, however, the Mail app doesn’t work then let’s apply given below way.

If your mail account or inbox doesn’t appear in the Mail app, then you must follow the bottom given instructions. I hope this would help you to clear your problem.

  • Step 1. Open Settings App
  • Step 2. Tap Mail
  • Step 3. Now on-screen you can see accounts select an account and make toggle turn Mail On/Green.

For example, If you have already added more than one mail account then choose your needed one and turn the toggle on the Mail App.

That’s it.

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Keep in mind; all iOS users have powers to enable or disable cellular data for an individual app or all apps at a time.

So if your turn mobile data for limited apps and after a long time you tried for the disable app. At that time your iOS device app won’t open successfully with Cellular data.

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  1. Bob Frengel says:

    I have a new ipad6 that I migrated to from my old ipad 2. I tried all three of these steps, but neither this nor the safari will connect without wifi. I toggled them all off and back on, and I checked and I have a Verizon cellular and it shows 3G signal. My mail even shows the time of last update changing, but none of the mail that I know has been sent and I can see on my computer, are making it through unless I find a wifi signal. I appreciate any help you can share, as I cannot get my icloud or work email without.

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