Try These 3 Ways! Can I Delete Photos From iPhone But Not From iCloud?

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Manage Medea file is very hard on Smartphone devices Because HD Photos and Videos consume Gigabytes of Storage from iPhone/iPad. At that time Apple iPhone/iPad user has questions in his/her mind, How to Free up space without Deleting or Lost Photos. So, Here’s the tutorial that will learn how to delete photos from iPhone but not from iCloud. Also, we can get free space by deleting it from iPhone camera roll once Backup on Third-Party Cloud Service [iCloud Gives Only 5GB Free]. Let’s Find out your Prefert options after read all the alternate ways carefully.

Don’t be worry about your precious collection of photos and memories. And we can trust it about security, commitment, and auto process.

Tricks to Delete Photos from iPhone But Not iCloud or Other Photo Cloud

By removing hundreds and thousands of photos/videos to iCloud, you can use lots of space on the device to install a new application and enjoy performance ever time.

Solution 1: Enable iCloud Photo Library and Disable after Backup

iCloud Photo library we can turn on any time, After that Original Photo and Video move in iCloud in Backgroud [Either locked or Unlocked screen]. For that, you don’t have to sit in front of your iPhone/iPad. Follow the below steps to Enable and Upload iCloud Library on iOS/iPadOS on iPhone/iPad Settings. Then Turn off iCloud Photo Library after upload Photos, Then Delete Photos from Photos app.

  1. Open the Settings App on Your iOS device.
  2. Tap on Profile Name [Apple ID name]
  3. Tap on iCloud, then
  4. Next, tap on Photos under the Apps using iCloud
  5. And then wait for a while and Turn iCloud Photo ON.

    delete photos on iPhone only

    delete photos on iPhone but not iCloud

  6. That’s it. [Wait for 1 or 2 Days, Gigabytes Photos will take time depends on internet connectivity, Number of GBs]
    1. Now Turn off iCloud Photo from iCloud Photos. Repeat Step 1 to 5 and Disable iCloud Photo toggle.
    2. That’s it.
  7. Remove or Delete Photo from Photos app. Open Photos app on the iPhone. Tap on Photos Tab, Select Multiple Photo using the Select option. Tap on the Delete button icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  8. That’s it.

Now Your Photos Deleted from iPhone/iPad But Still Backed up on your iCloud. Restore any time, By enabling iCloud Photo from iPhone settings [Repeat 1 to 5 Steps]. If you have a free space on iCloud then you can upgrade iCloud Storage anytime Or After used Downgrade iCloud Storage any time. Otherwise use Google Photos or Dropbox for Backup your Photos/Videos to Third-Party Cloud Server. Follow the Next Solution.

Solution 2: Enable Auto-Backup Photo on Third-Party Cloud Server [Google Photo/ Dropbox]

Some iPhone user really likes to use Other cloud services, that’s secure and Gives Up to 15GB Free space, and Purchase more at low cost compare to Apple iCloud. Today, Google Photo and Dropbox are the most trending options for Backup your Phone data to Third-Party servers. Let’s see how to Enable Auto backup of your Photos and Videos to Google Photo and Dropbox.

Enable Photo Backup on Google Photos iPhone/iPad app

  1. Open the Google Photos app on the iPhone. Tap on More Settings option at the top left corner of the iPhone screen.

    Google Photos app on iPhone Settings-2

    Google Photos app on iPhone Settings

  2. Find Backup & Sync option from settings.

    Backup and Sync Google Photos from Settings on iPhone

    Backup and Sync Google Photos from Settings on iPhone

  3. Enable Auto Backup Photo to Google Photo and Settings for Use Mobile date.

    Enable Auto Backup on Google Photos cloud from iPhone app

    Enable Auto Backup on Google Photos cloud from iPhone app

  4. That’s it.

Enable Photo Backup on Dropbox iPhone/iPad App

  1. Open the Dropbox app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on Account from Bottom corner Tab.
  3. Go to Camera Upload Option > Enable Camera upload Toggle to Start Backup your Photo in Dropbox Cloud.

    Camera Upload Option from Dropbox iPhone app

    Camera Upload Option from Dropbox iPhone app

  4. Find More OPtion that helps in upload in Backgroud.
  5. Select the Prefer Options.

    Automatically Upload Photos and Video in Backgroud from iphone

    Automatically Upload Photos and Video in Backgroud from iPhone

  6. That’s it.

Once All Photos are Uploaded from your Photos app, You can download it later, So we can delete it from the iPhone camera roll. Now your iPhone/iPad has free space without lost photos/Videos of iPhone/iPad.

Solution 3: Sign Out iCloud and Sign in to Another iCloud Account

we can not transfer Free space from another iCloud account to your limited storage account. So, the Switch account on your iPhone/iPad is the best option. Sign out First iCloud account, Sign in Another iCloud account and Turn on iCloud Photo from iPhone/iPad settings.

Sign Out iCloud account: Settings app on iPhone > Apple ID name > Scroll to Option Sign Out > That’s it.

Sign In iCloud Account: Settings app on iPhone > Sign in with Apple ID > That’s it. Enable iCloud Photo from iPhone settings > Apple ID Name > iCloud > Photo > iCloud Photo Toggle enable.

That’s it.

Delete All iCloud Photos from iPhone/iPad

  • in iOS 12 or later, Open the Settings – Tap General – Find iPhone Storage – And Enable iCloud Photos.
  • That’s it!

For automatically upload a new photo to iCloud: Enable Toggle for Upload to My Photo Stream

And of full HD media file copied to iCloud storage

That’s it.

Extra Help: Need to increase iCloud storage space

Don’t have enough storage space on iCloud, buy or Upgrade iCloud storage plan from iPhone/ iPad.

Plans are starting at $0.99 per month and available in your local currency. (First 5 GB is free, for more you should buy)

Moved all photos to iCloud accessible and sync on your Mac or Other iOS devices. Have you enabled iCloud Photo Library for a specific device?

For Mac: Go to the Top Apple Menu > System Preference > iCloud > Choose checkbox for iCloud Photo Library.

Wait for sync and view on mac, it’s done after Keep photos on iCloud but delete from iPhone.

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