MacOS Monterey Won’t Download and Install on Mac, MacBook Air/Pro [Stuck]

Last Updated on Jun 9, 2021

Getting the new update and installing it on Mac is quite simple, whenever any update will be available for your Mac or MacBook, it will notify you. Moreover, if you have enabled auto-update, it will update directly without asking your permission. But sometimes we face difficulties when MacOS won’t download and install on Mac or MacBook.

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Even my MacBook got stuck and freeze in the middle of a software update. There are many reasons behind can’t download the MacOS update. But we will sort it out, and I have listed the best fixes for this error.

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Troubleshooting steps for MacOS Monterey Won’t download and Install on Mac/MacBook Pro & Air

3 MacOS Stuck and Stopped installation

Tip 1: Make sure there is enough storage available

MacOS updates are very large, and it requires enough room to fit in your MacBook or Mac. So let’s check the storage of your Mac or MacBook.

Step 1: Go to “Apple Menu” and open “About This Mac”.

Step 2: Tap “Storage” and see if adequate storage is available or not, if available then restart download MacOS update.

Storage settings on mac

Tip 2: Check Apple Server

Before hammering our head by trial and error methods to fix the MacOS won’t download on Mac, we should check if Apple servers are working or not. It is also possible that the update server is under maintenance if it is then we are helpless. We can just wait in such a situation.

🗣Highly Recommend downloading new MacOS on your Own Home or Personal WIFI. Because Public WiFi or Company WiFi doesn’t allow Download Software update because of Blocked Apple’s Network Port.

Tip 3: Switch the Wi-Fi connection or move it to a wired connection

Wired connection is always far better than a wireless connection. If internet speed is the obstacle for your MacBook, then it might get solved if you switch the wireless connection to wired connection or change the network.

Tip 4: Cancel Download and Put Mac or MacBook to download again

It is one of the best solutions when you are updating the software, and MacOS software update gets automatically stopped in the middle. At that time you can try to cancel the download and re-download the MacBook software update. Hopefully, this might work for you.

Tip 5: Download the Software update from Apple’s Support Website

None of the above methods works for you then you should download the update from Apple’s Support page instead of the Mac App Store and then install it on your mac. Every single update is available there only you have to search for it and then click on that update within minutes it will be on your device. Mac Support Center is here.

Basic Hint to Fix macOS 12 Won’t install after Downloaded macOS installer

  • Fix 1Reset PRAM/ NVRAM and SMC [M1 Mac users have to Restart Mac only]
  • Fix 2– Reboot Your Mac
  • Fix 3Clean install macOS Big Sur then try again
  • Fix 4– boot from external disk [Safe Mode boot]
  • Fix -5 Turn Off turn of FileVault or Firewall – Apple logo From top mac menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Unlock Window and Turn off Firewall.turn-off-firewall-on-mac-or-macbook
  • Fix 6– Restored the firmware on the Apple T2 Security Chip
  • Fix 7– Command terminal
    Open Terminal. Copy and Paste and enter:
sudo nvram IASUCatalogURL=

You may need to enter 2 time if you got the error.

After that, rerun the installer –> It worked.

After done upgrading, you should update the nvram back:

sudo nvram -d IASUCatalogURL
  • Fix 8– with boot USB for a clean installation
  • Fix 9– Disabling the Gatekeeper on Apple Mac, that helped me
  • Fix 10 – Install macOS 12 via App Store. After I tried (and failed) to install it from App Store, I found that I have a new Application:
    /Applications/Install macOS 12delete-macos-setup-file-from-applications-folder-and-re-download

I right-clicked that, clicked “Show Package Contents”, and navigated to Contents -> MacOS and I double-clicked InstallAssistant.

I was able to install it from there

  • Fix 11– Possible error due to BridgeOS udpate issue
  • Fix 12- Turn off VPN if enabled. here’s How to Disable VPN or Remove VPN Completely from Mac.

To resolve the issue, I suggest you creating a new partition and re-install Big Sur, So Wipe the entire hard drive and make a clean install of Big Sur (macOS 11).

installing from a boot disk, installing in recovery mode, safe mode, internet recovery mode.

Last Solution- Wait for few days and try Trying the public beta profile downloads on your Mac

Above all is the possible fix and troubleshooting steps for MacOS 12 Won’t download and Install on Mac [Big update 2021 Mac OS Failed] for some reasons given above.

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