How to Measure Distance Between Two Points on Google Maps iPhone and iPad

How to measure Distance between two points on Google maps iPhone

Google’s native Google Maps app brought the latest update to calculate the distance between cities features called ‘’Measure distance’’. We all us using Google Maps to find out the distance from our location to destination via public transport, via car, walking, etc., even though these directions on maps rarely show the fact distance between two cities and places like ‘’measure distance as the Crow Files.’’ But from now Google Maps has become a distance measurement app too to iPhone and iPad. Now you can easily measure an actual geographical distance between two or more two points on Google Maps. For example, let’s see to measure Distance between two points/ locations on Google maps iPhone.

Before getting started to measure the mileage, you should check out your Google Map app is updated. To use this (measure distance) feature required Google’s navigation app 2022. Otherwise, you can’t access the latest function on your iOS handset or on the tablet. So keep updating your App and enjoy all-time new features.

To update your Google maps on the latest iOS-

  • Open the App Store
  • Tap on the Search icon
  • Next to the search bar click on the profile icon
  • Scroll the screen tap Updates tab
  • Find Google Maps
  • Tap on the Update switch and wait a while until download update successfully.

UsefulFix Unable to update Apps on iPhone

Guide to Use Measure Distance Between Two Points Google Maps on iPhone

How to measure Distance between two points on Google maps iPhone
  • Step #1. Open Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad from the home scren.
  • Step #2. Now touch and hold on anywhere on the Map to make a red pin.
touch and hold on anywhere on the Map to make a red pin on iOS Google Maps iPhone ipad
  • Step #3. Tap the name of the place at the bottom of the screen.
  • Step #4. Next, scroll down the screen and select measure distance then move the map with your finger so crosshairs (black circle) is on the second point that you want to add.
select measure distance of the point on Goolge Maps on iPhone ipad
  • Step #5. Now just tap on the blue Add point switch. Here you can see an example on my iPhone 13 Pro Max Google Map distance between Washington to California – 3747Km.
Tap on Add poin to add muliple points on Google Maps iPhone iPad

Where can I see the distance between two locations on Google Maps?

See at Bottom–left on the Google Maps screen.

How to Remove the last Point in Measure Direct Distance on Google Maps on iPhone

To delete the last point you added that you could remove by tapping on Undo arrow see in the top-right corner next to the three dots.

Can I Remove all points in measure distance screen of Google Maps on iPhone, iPad?

Yes, you can delete all the points/ locations at once. Just tap the three dots that appear at the top-right then Select Clear button.

Tap on three dots to clear all locations on google map measure distance iPhone iPad

You’re Done!

Do you want to change distance unite form Km to Miles or Miles to Km on Google Maps?

To Change Distance units on Google Maps on iPhone, iPad

Tap on three horizontal lines left side into the top search bar Google Maps iPhone

Tap on three horizontal lines (appear left side into the top search bar) to get Settings on Google Map – Tap Settings – tap on Distance unites – Choose automatic (only works when locations service turned On for Google Maps on your iPhone/ iPad) – select your desired length unit either KM or Miles. That’s it!

Hopefully, you would like this feature to measure the distance from one place to another such as to measure the distance from home to school, the distance from home to office, the distance between two cities, the distance between two different countries’ towns and locations.

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