Fix Presenter Overlay Not working on Mac (Sonoma Updated)

Presenter Overlay not working on Mac? Troubleshoot it quickly with this guide. Learn the ways to make Presenter Overlay stable and improve.

Key takeaway: The macOS Sonoma's Presenter Overlay feature allows users to appear on screen while sharing content in FaceTime and third-party apps like Zoom. To troubleshoot any issues with Presenter Overlay not working on Mac, follow the provided eight solutions, including checking internet connectivity, turning on screen share, and updating the Mac computer.

macOS Sonoma comes with numerous features. This includes the ability to add widgets on a Mac desktop, add websites as apps, and more. However, one of the noteworthy features amongst all of these is Presenter Overlay. With Presenter Overlay, you can appear on screen while sharing your content.

The best part of this feature is that it works with FaceTime and third-party apps like Cisco and Zoom. While this feature is a significant advantage, unfortunately, not all users are making the best out of it. If that’s the same with you, read this troubleshooting guide to fix Presenter Overlay not working on Mac.

Presenter Overlay on Mac: Troubleshooting

Here, we have mentioned seven ways to fix the presenter overlay keeps crashing on Mac. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Solution #1. Check Internet Connectivity

First thing first, ensure that your device is connected to a stable internet connection. If not, Presenter Overlay will not work on your Mac. So head to the Safari Browser, or its alternative, and visit any preferable website. If it doesn’t load content, it means the internet is at fault. Try connecting your device to the internet. If it’s still not working, read our article on how to fix Wi-Fi not working on a Mac.

Solution #2. Turn on screen share to use presenter overlay

It is important to note that the Presenter Overlay feature only works when you switch on screen sharing in Zoom or any other video conferencing app. So if screen sharing isn’t activated, Presenter Overlay will not be available. Here, in the below steps, we have considered Zoom as an example.

Step 1: Press Command + Space to access Spotlight Search. Enter Zoom and click on it to open. 

Command + Space to Open On Mac

Step 2: Once the Zoom app is opened on your Mac computer, start meeting. Or, you can join the meeting as well. Hold until the meeting begins and click the Screen Share option right from the bottom Zoom menubar.

Start Screen Share in Zoom on Mac

Step 3: Now, pick up the screen or window you want to share and select Share Button.

Select Share Screen Before Start Screen Share on Mac

Minimize the Zoom App from the menu bar, and choose Share Screen Icon to access the Presenter Overlay.

Use Presenter Overlay With Screen Share on Mac

When We select Small Presenter Overlay on screen Share,

Change Presenter Overlay During Screen Share on Mac

Solution #3. Force quit video conferencing App

If you can’t access and use Presenter Overlay on your Mac computer, it’s suggested to force quit the video conferencing app. That’s because force quitting will resolve temporary glitches or conflicts that may directly or indirectly be affecting the functionality of the Presenter Overlay can be fixed.

Step 1: Click on the Apple Logo found in the left top corner of the screen.
Step 2: Select Force Quit Option.

Click Apple Logo Select Force Quit On Mac

Step 3: Now, from the resulted window, select Zoom App.

Select Click Force Quit On Mac

Step 4: At last, click on the Force Quit Button. 

Choose Force Quit On Mac

Once you finish it, click Launchpad or access Spotlight search to open Zoom App and start meeting again.

Solution #4. Temporarily turn off Camera

If your Mac computer is connected to Wi-Fi with an unstable internet connection, then it’s advisable to turn off the camera before starting a meeting. This is because screen sharing, which is quite beneficial for Presenter Overlay to work correctly, consumes the most bandwidth. Disabling the video component of your call before sharing screen will now resolve the problem.

And since the camera is still an essential element for Presenter Overlay, you can start screen sharing and then turn on your camera.

Solution #5. Allow Application to record your screen

If presenter overlay works with the FaceTime app but not with third-party applications like Zoom. You may have turned off specific settings for applications to record your screen.

Do remember that screen recording capabilities for third-party apps by default disabled for security reasons. However, since Presenter Overlay needs screen-sharing to be turned on for applications. Here’s how.

Step 1: Click on the Apple Menu you found on the left top corner of the screen. Select System Settings…

Allow Zoom app to Record Screen on Mac

Step 2: Click on Privacy & Security from the left pane. Go to Screen Recording.

Click Privacy & Security Scroll The Screen Recoding On Mac

Step 3: Click on + Icon > Enter Password.

Click (+) Plus Icon On Mac

Step 4: Last, Find zoom under the applications folder. Select Open.

Select Application Click Choose Open On Mac

Solution #6. Disable the Presenter Overlay

If you are facing a problem with Presenter Overlay not working on Mac during ongoing meetings. However, some of the previously mentioned solutions may not be problem-solving. We recommend disabling and enabling the Presenter Overlay on your Mac computer in this scenario.

Step 1: Minimize the meeting window and then select Share Icon from the menu bar.

Select To Share Menu On Mac

Step 2: From there, click on Off Icon below the Presenter Overlay.

Choose Small Presenter Overlay On Mac

Step 3: Now, select to share Window or Screen.

Step 4: Depending on your need or preferences, choose Small or Large Presenter Overlay.

Choose Large Presenter Overlay On Mac

Solution #7. Update your Mac computer

Running an outdated version of macOS Sonoma can often be the reason why Presenter Overlay is not working on Mac. Thus, it’s recommended to check if your Mac is running the latest macOS. For this, read our article on how to update your Mac to latest macOS.

Solution #8. Contact Apple Support

If your Mac is updated to the latest macOS and still the Presenter overlay isn’t working on the Mac, it’s time to contact the Apple Support Team.

Final Thought!

That’s how you can fix Presenter Overlay not working on Mac. Further, if you have a relatable query, please drop it in the comment box below.

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