How to Save, Improve Battery life on iPhone 7, 7 Plus

Improve Battery life on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10

In too short time discharge battery on new iPhone 7/ 7 Plus is an irritating mode for all users. So follow the built-in and Tricky ways to Save power and improve battery life on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus with iOS 11. Here are the alternate options as the best solution for energy saving and utilization tips. New innovative features made your iOS device now smarter and perfect for use in each sector. New and improved features are Spotlight Search, Siri in App, Siri Upgrade, Low blue light mode, Apple pay in Safari, iMessage texting, Camera, etc.

Noticeable and faster Battery Drain feel on new iPhone where you are using Camera or picture and video, Browsing in the Web browser, Gaming (GPS Based games – Pokemon Go or Others), Email, Downloading and Upload to iCloud, Online backup and many Other places.

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Steps for Save or Improve Battery life on iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus

Improve Battery life on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 10

Check which apps and Screen consume more battery power

Some buggy or heavy power consuming app you can categorize own self without any technical knowledge.

1: Go to the Settings on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus > Battery > Battery Usage.

By default, there is Last 24 Hours and Last 7 Days section specified, then to check on Screen power consumption and Background tap on the Clock icon.

Low Power Mode: This is an instant mode for saving power with a single tap. This option is available at Top on the same screen. (This option control all the settings related to battery consuming)

Close all app open in Device or Running Background

Recheck any apps running on the device but not on screen from the multitasking screen.

To open multitasking screen, double tap on Home button. See below image. Then slide your finger up to close the app completely.

Get More: How to Force Close App iOS

Close app running on iPhone on screen or Background

Restart or Force Restart

Completely Restart, or Force restart is the formal solution and used for all Other iPhone models as well. This time apple changes why to Force Restart iPhone 7 Plus only, For others, it is the same.

Restart: Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake button until you show apple logo on the screen.

Force Restart: Press and Hold Sleep/ Wake + Home button until you show apple logo. For iPhone 7 Sleep/ Wake + Volume Down button.

Reset or Restore new

Connect your iPhone to iTunes for Backup and Restore latest, Restore new setup quite lengthy and impressive to put your iDevice like new. Clean install or Restore Erase all Data from the calendar, Notes, Health, Message, and Other app data. This process increases storage space incredibly and repairs all internal Errors.

Setting up new setup on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus by clean Restore.

Reset All or Network Settings: Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. The old configuration set to default automatically using these options.

Reset network settings of iPhone

Contact Apple

Contact your nearest apple store, Hand over your device to the technical department. And Get instant guide and solution on how to Improve Battery life on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus.

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