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2 Tap on URL to view Saved Password on Browser

How to View Saved Password on iPhone Safari

Not easy to recover forgot password from the unknown page or Web URLs that are saved on your iPhone/ iPad Browser. But we have a great option to see hidden (Password protected Format to Text format) without reset or exporting saved date to other device or Third party software. This is the tricky way to rollback forgot password those are only protected in Single iOS device & browser. Get step by step guide on how to view saved Password on iPhone safari.

Mac users also have great one option for saving any numbers of web page ULRs directly from the browser using the keychain. Learn how to set up keychain on Mac.


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iCloud Keychain is also available for the iOS device running the latest iOS. It means your password will save iCloud keychain.

Pre-Requisite: iCloud Keychain should be enabled in iDevice. Go to the Settings App > iCloud > Keychain > iCloud Keychain toggle. Once we allow keychain, we can save credit card or other security info in the encrypted format.

Steps for Find/ View Saved Password on iPhone Safari: iPad

View & Copy Saved Password in Safari

New iOS 11 featured our new settings for manage all types of password saved in Safari Web page or other Mail App.

Go to the Settings App on iPhone, iPad > Accounts & Passwords.

Use Touch ID using fingerprint scan or passcode.

1 Find Saved Username and Password on iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

To Delete multiple entries, that has been saved in Safari browser.

Otherwise, Check for individual Webpage password, Tap on listview row.

Extra Tips: Turn off/ Enable Autofill Credit cards, Contacts, Password, and Other Personal Details. Go to the Settings app > Safari > AutoFill > Disable (Use Contact info), Names and Password and Credit Cars. Also, Manage Saved Credit Cards and My Info.

For iOS 10:-

Access Safari Saved password from the Settings app

Go to the Settings > Safari > Password > Scan Touch ID > Link.

Method 2: Or Jump into the Settings app from Browser using Below way,

1: Open Web page in Safari that’s saved Username and Password on iPhone/ iPad. Here I want to see the password for my Broadband internet login.

2: Tap on Password textBox Field, Near to keyboard pane, Tap on “Password” link text.

3: To see the saved password, Tap on Other Passwords from the popup.

View Saved Password on iPhone Safari with iOS 10

4: Next, you will see the full list of all pages those previously saved in iOS device browser. Tap on (i) icon near to webpage URL.

2 Tap on URL to view Saved Password on Browser

Also, you can update the existing password after forgot/ Remove saved password from iOS iCloud keychain.

Above all alternate options are working for View Saved Password on iPhone Safari.

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