Send Christmas Sticker in iMessage: Best Christmas Sticker App

Stickers and GIFs have been the best options in today’s generation chatting to add fun to boring conversations. You might be familiar with memes and GIF stickers if you often use social media and other chatting platforms. If you are confused about what sticker apps you should use, then you must explore this blog and read it till the end. Whether you’re wishing someone a Merry Christmas or want to add a touch of Santa’s magic, there are plenty of amazing apps that offer a delightful bunch of high-quality stickers to enhance your iMessage conversations.

In this article, we have deeply researched and made a list of the best Christmas Sticker Apps to make your festive wishes and conversation exciting. 

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1. Christmas Stickers

iMessage App for Christmas Stickers
Christmas Stickers

If you want to enhance your holiday greetings, then check out the Christmas Stickers Wishes app. It works best with iOS 10.0 and higher versions, and it is perfect to add a special touch to your festive messages with a delightful assortment of specially crafted Christmas iMessage Stickers. Express your ‘Merry Christmas’ wishes uniquely and captivatingly using this WASticker pack. You can find a vibrant collection of Christmas-themed stickers to share your joy with family and friends. Capture the magic of this special season with a variety of beautifully designed stickers by transforming your chats into a festive wonderland of Christmas elements and heartwarming wishes.

Why you should use Christmas Stickers?

  • Easy and secure app
  • A wide range of stickers is available
  • Easy search and share

Price = $0.99

2. Animated Merry Christmas GIFs 

iMessage App for Animated Merry Christmas GIFs
Animated Merry Christmas GIFs

The Animated Merry Christmas GIFs app is a perfect addition to your festive celebrations. It offers high-quality and bigger animation stickers to ensure a visually impressive experience in chatting. You can easily integrate these Animated Christmas stickers for iMessage delights into your iMessage conversations using drag-and-drop functionality. It also allows layering stickers over one another to enhance the richness of your interactions. It also allows you to scale and rotate stickers to place them perfectly on bubbles. Accessing the iMessage app is effortless: for iOS 10, tap the oval icon at the bottom left, or for iOS 11 and later, tap the three dots icon. In addition, you can also customize your iMessages and add a personalized feel to your Christmas wish!

Why should you use Animated Merry Christmas GIFs?

  • High-quality stickers available
  • Simply drag and drop to use
  • Save your favorite sticker

Price = $0.99

3. Realistic Christmas Stickers 

iMessage App for Realistic Christmas Stickers
Realistic Christmas Stickers

The Realistic Christmas Stickers app is your gateway to a fresh and captivating style of festive expression. It offers a diverse range of Christmas-themed stickers, each carrying its own unique message. With an extensive collection of enchanting stickers, add an extra layer of happiness to your Christmas celebrations. This app has everything, whether you’re drawn to lovely hand-drawn illustrations or vintage graphic designs. Elevate your messages and photos by effortlessly utilizing them with these artistic stickers. Experience a new level of festive pleasure with the Realistic Christmas Stickers app and make your Christmas truly memorable.

Why should you use Realistic Christmas Stickers?

  • Realistic and graphically drawn stickers
  • You can search by specific keyword
  • Various styles available for stickers

Price = $0.99

4. Christmas Emoji • Stickers

iMessage App for Christmas Emoji Stickers
Christmas Emoji Stickers

Introducing the Christmas Emoji • Stickers app, your go-to for festive expressions! This iMessage sticker pack seamlessly integrates into your Messages app, offering 100 delightful stickers to enhance your conversations. You can find the icon within Messages and discover a world of Christmas-themed stickers ready to make your messages merry. It has easy customization options to personalize your stickers by altering colors, opacity, and even adding text. The app’s versatility allows you to merge stickers and more, enabling a unique touch to every message. 

Why should you use Christmas Emojis • Stickers?

  • Easy and quick app for adding stickers
  • Allows to add text and customize color
  • Snowing background animation

Price = $0.99

5. Christmas Stickers – WAStickers

iMessage App for Christmas WAStickers
Christmas WAStickers

Here you can discover an array of Funny Christmas stickers for iMessage with the Christmas Emoji. It is Seamlessly integrated into WhatsApp and offers a vast collection of Top Stickers, Animated Stickers, Stickers, Wstickers, Sticker Maker, and more. Enhance your chats with animated delights, celebrity stickers, and free WhatsApp-friendly choices. Once added to WhatsApp, no need to revisit the app; you can quickly send stickers directly from your messaging platform. Experience the convenience of sharing across various platforms while also adding new animated stickers. This app enriches your communication with its diverse sticker options, making expressing yourself during the holiday season effortless and fun!

Why should you use Christmas Stickers?

  • Free and convenient sticker app
  • Download a variety of Christmas Stickers Pack For iMessage
  • Quick sharing

Price = free

6. The Christmas Stickers Pack 

iMessage App for The Christmas Stickers Pack
Christmas Stickers Pack

Experience the festive spirit with The Christmas Stickers Pack app for iMessage; you can easily download appealing sticker bunches and Open iMessage on your iPhone to add them to chat. This sticker app is priced at $ 0.99, which is really reliable, and offers a wide variety of stickers to send unique to everyone. With a single tap, send stickers to spread holiday joy instantly. You can effortlessly add stickers by long-touching and peeling them onto texts or existing stickers. Perfect your placement by scaling and rotating stickers with a second finger before placing them on bubbles. 

Why should you use The Christmas Stickers Pack?

  • You can easily find trending stickers
  • Works fine with iPhone and iPad with iOS 10.0 or later.
  • Simply press and hold to add a sticker

Price = $0.99

7. Funny Christmas for iMessage

iMessage App for Funny Christmas
Funny Christmas Stickers

Funny Christmas for iMessage is the treasure of stickers and GIFs which is always ready to share with family and friends! You can delight in adorning your photos with whimsical Christmas hats, glasses, and ornaments to add a touch of hilarity to your festive moments. It also allows you to resize stickers by employing the pinch gesture while placing them in your messages and rotating them similarly with a two-finger twist. Transform your chats into a laughter-filled wonderland using this intuitive and creative sticker pack. Unlock the joy of spreading merriment with the Funny Christmas for iMessage app, where laughter knows no bounds!

Why should you use Funny Christmas for iMessage?

  • The app allows decorating stickers using various elements
  • You can make stickers big and small in size
  • It also supports orientation and resizing

Price = $0.99

8. Neon Merry Christmas Stickers 

iMessage App for Neon Merry Christmas Stickers
Neon Merry Christmas Stickers

Illuminate your iMessage chats with the Neon Merry Christmas Stickers app, it offers a vibrant collection of 104 stickers designed to infuse your conversations with the holiday spirit. It is Ideal for conveying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wishes, as this pack features diverse Christmas shapes like circles and hearts. It has a user-friendly interface and great functionality. You can simply search for your desired sticker and send it to recipients, sparking fun and excitement in your conversations. Ensure you’re running iOS 10.0 or higher for optimal use. 

Why should you use Neon Merry Christmas Stickers?

  • Huge range of stickers at a reliable price
  • It has 104 stickers specifically for the Christmas festival
  • Available in circle, square, and heart neon shapes

Price = $2.99

9. The Merry Christmas Stickers

iMessage App for The Merry Christmas Stickers
The Merry Christmas Stickers

Dive into a festive world of creativity and expression with an extensive collection of meticulously designed stickers by Bubba Creative. It offers an array of options to celebrate the season’s joy by customizing your messages with Santa, reindeer, snowmen, and more. You can quickly integrate these stickers into your conversations and infuse every exchange with yuletide cheer. The app offers an intuitive interface, perfect for users of all levels. Whether you’re sending heartfelt wishes or playful greetings, The Merry Christmas Stickers app by Bubba Creative ensures your messages shine brightly with the magic of the season.

Why should you use The Merry Christmas Stickers?

  • Get winter accessories and animal stickers too
  • Perfect collection for kids and family
  • Easy and safe app to use

Price = $0.99

10. Christmas Stickers!

iMessage App for Christmas Stickers!
Christmas Stickers!

If you are looking for a stunning sticker app to wish your loved ones an auspicious Christmas occasion, Christmas stickers end your search. This app offers a decent bunch of Christmas stickers that will definitely add spark to your chat. You can explore by searching and downloading your favorite Christmas pack to easily use your message. Moreover, you must have an iOS 12.0 or bigger version to take the benefit of the app to the fullest and use it without hassle. Whether you need Christmas wishes in text or an attractive sticker, you are surely to find the best sticker according to your choice. 

Why should you use Christmas Stickers?

  • Simple and convinient app
  • Stickers are updated on a regular basis
  • Add text and sticker to iMessage chat

Price = $0.99

11. Happy New Year Christmas Pack

iMessage App for Happy New Year Christmas Pack
Happy New Year Christmas Pack Stickers

With a stellar 4-star rating in the app store, the Happy New Year Christmas Pack enhances your text and chats with delightful flair. You can thrive your conversations with New Year Emoji stickers, adding festive joy to every exchange. This app features a curated collection of designer stickers catering to diverse tastes. Sending stickers is a breeze – just tap to send them as expressive emojis. For interactive fun, touch and hold to ‘peel off’ stickers, placing them atop speech bubbles, photos, or other stickers. 

Why should you use the Happy New Year Christmas Pack?

  • Vast collection of designer sticker
  • Tap and hold a sticker to peel it off and stick the sticker
  • Available in text and sticker, both type

Price = $0.99


Whether it’s sharing a virtual smile with a Santa sticker or conveying warm wishes through charming seasonal designs, this app offers a seamless and creative means of spreading Christmas cheer. Download now and infuse your messages with the magic of the holidays. Make every text a small celebration and share the joy with friends and family through the Best Christmas Sticker iMessage App

Hope you found the above article useful to explore the range of iMessage Christmas sticker apps. Have you used any  Best Christmas Sticker App? Do comment on your ideas or other suggestions in the comment section.

Happy sticker sharing!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q-1. How do you get stickers on iMessage?

Open a message and begin a conversation. Select the “dropdown” menu adjacent to the chatbox, followed by the “A” icon. To access your stickers, select the “four grey circles” icon. To add a sticker, use the “blue up arrow” icon.

Q-2. How do you send Christmas stickers?

To send Christmas stickers in iMessage, open a conversation:
1. Tap the “App Store” icon, then the “+” icon.
2. Visit the App Store to search for “Christmas sticker packs,” download a pack, and tap stickers to send them.
3. Spread holiday cheer with festive visuals in your messages.

Q-3. Does iMessage support GIFs?

Yes, you can use GIFs in iMessage too. Just search for “GIPHY” and open or download the GIPHY app. Switch between GIFs, Stickers, and Text. Simply tap to share once you’ve found the desired GIF you wish to share.

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