How to Send invisible ink or Hidden iMessage from iPhone/ iPad

1 send invisible ink bubble effect in iMessage iOS 10 app

iMessage text effect mainly categorized into two parts. First is Bubble and second is Screen effect. From here learn how to send invisible ink or hidden iMessage text from iPhone/ iPad. This effect is impressed quick and easy to send no more extra selection required. If you want to add screen effect with Bubble in background then we can do it. Otherwise, send directly in a single tap.

Learn how to send invisible ink pattern from your latest iOS installed iDevice. People are choosing this bubble effect to share some surprise or secure message that not easy to read at a glance.

Steps for Send invisible or hidden iMessage on iPhone/ iPad

1 send invisible ink bubble effect as hidden iMessage iOS 10 app

1: Launch Message app from iPhone/ iPad.

2: a Type text message in the message box.

3: Tap and hold by long press on blue upward direction icon. Now you will screen with Different bubble effects (Invisible ink, Gentle, Loud and Slam from bottom to top direction).

4: Next, Again tap on the Blue button icon.

First is the pattern that you are looking for. At the receiving end, a user can’t see your message in notification center or message app conversation link.

Invisible ink is not only applicable to simple text but also on Third party images, Gifs and web links.

See the screen below, I Applied for Fruit Ninja gif stickers/ images. Steps are same but looking very gorgeous.

2 invisible effect with GIF image on iOS 10 iMessage app

Extra Dose: Expand Keyboard on iMessage conversation screen

For more space utilization and Easy to access key features of third-party apps, you can expand it. See the all symbol/ Gif stickers and Games tap on the bottom right corner of the screen.3 See whole Gifs on message app screen

Share your feedback on how much you like invisible ink/ hidden iMessage tips in the comment box. Have you found such tricky and interesting things that make helpful to iMessage users? Then don’t miss to share.

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