Setup two factor authentication on Dropbox from iPhone

For Dropbox, We must require secure lock Because of widely use on business, Professional and Personal use. So now we have a great option as a Two factor authentication on dropbox, that can Save or access all types of files from different device, around the world. Also dropbox widely use on mostly all types of app for daily backup and share/ save in secure shell. Same like Gmail, Facebook two factor authentication, we can use on dropbox.

Start two-step login verification, must need guide. It’s simple and easy for all but some code scanning, automation on third party app require more help. Go through below step by step guide and enable two factor authentications on Dropbox.

Step for Enable/ Setup two factor authentication on Dropbox: Using iPhone

Step 1: Go to dropbox on Web.

Step 2: From top right corner, click on Profile menu options > Settings.

Step 3: Next, from top three tab Go with Security.

Step 4: Then, under two-step verification, Click on “Click to enable” option.Enable two factor authentication on Dropbox using iPhone authentication app

Step 5: Start setup, Click on Get Started > Use Mobile app > Scan Code on authentication app (Google Authenticator Available for iPhone/ Android/ BlackBerry)Setup two factor on dropbox using app

App for generate code,

Google authonticator iOS app for dropbox

In return you will get authentication code on screen > Put in code box.


Step 6: Next time whenever you will login you need authentication code after Login ID and Password enter.

Another way is using Text message only, just like Gmail 2 Step.

For that select use Text Message in place on mobile app in step 5 > Enter your Mobile number > Verify 6 digit code comes in your Message box.

That’s it.

On your iPhone: Secure with Passcode

Now upgrade Dropbox app comes with built in pass code option, so every time you protect your data on dropbox using four digit passcode. For turn on Go to the Settings > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode on. Also Touch ID option available in improved security.

After enable two factor authentication on Dropbox, Removal is very easy. Repeat same above steps and disable it.