Universal Clipboard not working on macOS Sierra – How to fix

June 2016 keynote, Apple has announced its next seed of Mac OS called macOS Sierra. There are mind blowing features involved in the macOS 10.12 compare to the last year OS X EI Capitan. Highlighted features are the Siri integration, the shared desktop and Universal Clipboard to continuity from macOS Sierra to iOS 10 and reverse side. New macOS Sierra also embedded with the new edition of Safari 10 browser. macOS Sierra and iOS 10 both are still available for Pubilc beta program. Even though, during the testing and scrutiny of beta version, many of the developers and folks have addressed an issue that the Universal Clipboard not working on macOS Sierra. Don’t worry. we have a list of  potential clues that you can use to fix it.

Luckily, Universal Clipboard, I mean copy for Mac and paste on iOS note app or other text editor apps and vice versa. So definitely Apple users have got time-saving way to type on Apple laptop and paste texts, images, and videos on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Get ultimate Fix to resolve Universal Clipboard not working on macOS Sierra

Universal Clipboard not working on macOS Sierra OS x 12

For Copy & Paste, Universal Clipboard is a command that not only works with Mac but also depends on its neighbor iOS device. So within your MacBook pro, MacBook Air or MacBook, you also have to check that your iOS device is running with latest iOS 10 native. So check here iOS 10 compatible devices. because the universal Clipboard works across the macOS sierra and iOS 10.

To check out iOS update following steps will guide you.

Settings General → Tap on Software update.

Available update, if any. Please take a backup and update it.

Fix 2. Check out macOS Sierra compatible device list.

Fix 3. Verify your Mac and iOS device must run on same Apple ID. Because not needed any special setup to activate Universal Clipboard on macOS 10.12.

You should wait awhile because while you copy text, images or video from Mac or iOS and paste it on a device at that time it takes little bit time to upload data on iCloud.

Fix 4. Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and then re-try again to copy or paste on your Mac.

Fix 5. Often, Back to my Mac works in this case. So Checked mark it.

resolve Universal Clipboard not working on macOS 10.12, Macbook pro, iMac, macbook Air

One More Solution if Universal Clipboard working one way: –

In case, Mac Copying and iPhone pasting works but if iPhone Copying and macOS sierra installed doesn’t work then Restart iPhone and then try again. (Restart iPhone 7 Plus)

To Restart iPhonePress and Hold on Sleep/ Wake button until appear red slider bar. then drag the slider to turn iPhone off. Next up, you will have to again press and hold on Sleep/Wake button until Apple logo appear.

If none of the above ways work in your case please write in the comment or mail us.

Do you have any answer to fix problem Universal Clipboard not working on macOS Sierra that we missed? Please drop in a comment box and let us know about it. We would appreciate hearing from you.


  1. Hi, I can’t enable the “Back to My Mac” option, it says I need to restart and try again, but I did and I still can’t. I disable the “Desktop and Documents Folders” inside the “iCloud Drive” settings, because I don’t have enough spaces on the cloud. Is that related?…


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