How to Unlock Snapchat Trophies on iPhone in 2024

Here are few tactics to get new Trophies on Snapchat on iPhone, and iPad running the latest Snapchat version, do you want to try? Visit post.

Snapchat users are not only using or enjoying the app on iPhone, iPad for sharing photos & videos, Chat with Friends & Groups. But now people are using it for gaming purposes, So Snapchat Upgraded with significant updates in September; unlock your app for use free like premium services by earning more trophies on decent activities.

Here I warm up all the things before you start to unlock the trophies marathon.

Be ready to know what we have to do to unlock Snapchat trophies.

Some trophies are so popular that we can easily understand how they will be used and how to archive in a pocket. Others are fascinating and you feel proud if you have collections.

The whole collection is divided into Trophies case; some of them we can unlock by earning a Snapchat score, and the rest of them are on a specific task (Not very easy but not too hard)

What to do to Unlock Snapchat Trophies on iPhone

Score Based trophies

Baby trophy on hits 10, 3 stars trophy on 1000 hits, Star trophy on 100 hits, Shooting Star on 10,000 hits, Explosion on 50,000 hits, Rocket Ship on 100,000 score hits, Ghost on 500,000 score hits.

Detailed Description of each Trophy in unlock hints

Easy to get trophies from complete profile details

Email: Verify your Email with the Snapchat account

Telephone: Enter your Cell phone number in the settings

Happy Devil: One snap Screenshot

Sad Devil: 10 Snap Screenshot

Red mask: Screenshot 50 snap

Fax machine: 5 Snapcodes scan

Radio: Snap your personal & real stories

Clapper board: Snap ten personal real live stories

Filter trophies on Snapchat

Finger-pointing up: send Snap on your current filter.

Peace sign: with two filters, send Snap at once

Panda: With a Black and white filter, send 50 snaps

Sun with Face: Filter for above 100 F temperature, send a snap

Snowflake: Send Snap with below-freezing temp.

Font trophies

Send 100 snaps with significant text, and get ABCD block.

Unlock Camera Trophies

One repeat: Flip the camera once in the whole video snap.

Circle Arrows: in a video flip camera ten times

Shuffle sign: Flip the camera five times in a video

Japanese Ogre: Complete 1000 snaps using a front camera (Selfies and more..)

Unlock Video Trophies on Snapchat

VCR Type: Primary Trophy when you send a video snap.

Old School Camera: Complete 50 video snaps by sending it

Monkey Holding Ears: Before recording video, Turn on audio recording, turn it off from the bottom of the corner, Snap, and send the video without audio.

Camcorder: Receive trophy after completing 500 videos a snap.

Time base Snapchat trophies

Moon: send 50 snap-on iPhone 6 in night Shift mode (get how to enable it).

Egg in Pan: Send Snap between 4 to 5 AM. (Personal trick on this: Change Clock time on iPhone)

Let’s enjoy Unlock Snapchat trophies and share the screen with us in competition.

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