WhatsApp Notification Still Sound With Mac In Focus Mode Fix it Now

Undoubtedly, we all are aware with the potential of unwanted notifications. They can disturb you while attending important meetings or doing important tasks on the Mac computer. However, some users are fond of using the Focus Mode On Mac to get rid of Whatsapp sound Notification.

Unfortunately, some Mac owners found that their WhatsApp notification still sounds when enabling focus mode. It’s the most frustrating situation, and in the end, they are not familiar with what causes WhatsApp sound problems. Well considering all the possibilities behind it, we have covered some troubleshooting steps to fix it. 

WhatsApp Notification Sound Won’t Turn Off Mac

At some point, continuously encountering the WhatsApp sound is a frustrating situation, and that is also after turning the Focus On. To get rid of such situations, continue reading the article.

Fix 1: Verify Focus Mode Is Enabled

In a hurry or an accidental click on the Mac computer might lead to disabling focus mode or forgetting to enable the focus mode on Mac. So our first recommendation is to check whether the feature is enabled or not. 


Also, Focus mode is synced with other apple devices that are signed in with the same apple id. To prevent this solution, I recommend turning off Share Across Devices Focus settings on Mac under the Mac’s Focus System Settings.

Fix 2: Restart Mac

Minor bugs and glitches are some of the ordinary and prominent reasons for Mac Misbehaving. Propitiously, a simple restart can rule out these bugs from the Mac. Considering the exact reason for the WhatsApp sound ringtone even in focus mode, let’s try restarting(Apple Logo > Restart) the device.

Fix 3: Quit Apps

Being a multitasker, multiple apps are running in Mac’s background. However, this can upshoot in applications interrupting each other and ultimately causes WhatsApp notification keeps coming in focus mode. Taking it into account, force quitting applications is the best solution.

To Force Quit All App: Apple Logo > Force Quit > Command + A to select all > Force Quit.

quit-apps on Mac
quit-apps on Mac

Fix 4: Mute WhatsApp Web (Chrome & Safari)

Due To Low Storage Space On Mac, some users prefer using the WhatsApp web instead of a desktop application. Sad to say! There is a possibility of WhatsApp web pop-up notifications with enabled focus mode. In this scenario, you can either turn off WhatsApp or mute WhatsApp Web.

Step 1 → Go WhatsApp Web > Open Group Or Individual Chat.


Step 2 → Select Menu > Mute notifications.


Step 3 → From the next screen, select desired duration to mute notification.


Hereafter, you will not receive notifications from WhatsApp for a particular group or individual. Moving forward, after muting the chat, the most common issue the user goes through is how to unmute WhatsApp notifications. No worries! Follow the steps given below.

Step 1 → Open the group or individual chat you have muted. Then, click on the Menu > Unmute Chat.

Fix 5: Check If WhatsApp Is Not Added In Do Not Disturb

As of now and forever, there are Must Have Applications on the Mac from which we never want to ignore the vital notification. And as we all know, the focus mode is craved with a feature known as Do Not Disturb. You may have added the WhatsApp application to the list of Do Not Disturb; by adding the application to the list, the Mac computer allows the notification from the particular app even when the focus mode is turned on. So please remove it from the list by following the steps given below.

On MacOS Monterey & Earlier

Step 1 → Go to Control Center > Focus Preference… 

Step 2 → Click on Focus. In the Allow Notification From Menu, select Apps.

Now check if there is a WhatsApp application in the list. If yes, simply remove it by clicking on WhatsApp to turn it blue and then after selecting “- Minus Icon.” 

Remove WhatsApp from Focus Preferences on Mac
Remove WhatsApp from Focus Preferences on Mac

On MacOS Ventura or Later

Step 1→ Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings.

Step 2→ Next, Focus > Do Not Disturb > Allowed Apps. and Hover on the WhatsApp icon to remove it from the Whitelisted app.

Note: In case if you have schedule the focus on Mac, and if at  that scheduled timing you are continuously encountering WhatsApp notification, in such case, the only thing you can do is disable schedule focus on mac. 

Fix 6: Update macOS

Outdated OS! The most common reason for any kind of issue in your device, either notification not working on Mac or notification keeps popping up in focus, is an older macOS version. So check if your device consumes the latest version of the OS(Apple Logo > About This Mac). If not, immediately update it.

Fix 7: Boot To The Safe Mode

The last solution to play around with is the Mac Safe Mode. As the booting Safe Mode On Mac identifies the culprit behind the issue and fixes it automatically.

Fix 8: Contact Apple Support

A dedicated team known as Apple Support always gives the way to fix your device. So after trying all the possible solutions, simply contact them.

Play Around With Notification

In case if you are not watching videos, playing games, or attending a meeting, you can mute the system’s overall sound to prevent WhatsApp notification sound even in the focus mode. 


I hope so; the WhatsApp notification in focus mode is fixed by performing the troubleshooting steps above. If yes, let us know which workaround worked for you by dropping it in the comment box.


Q1. How Do I Get Sound For WhatsApp?

These settings are not applicable in case you are using WhatsApp on Mac or Windows.

Q2. Why Is My Notification Sound Not Working?

If your WhatsApp notification sound is not working on Mac, then first check the sound output configured at the highest level (Appl Logo > System Preferences > Sound > Output > Drag the slide of Output Volume to the highest level) from the same page unmute the speaker by unchecking box present next to the mute.

Q3. How Do I Reset My WhatsApp Notification Sound?

To reset the WhatsApp notification sound, uninstall and install it on your Mac device.

Q4. How Do I Unmute WhatsApp?

You can unmute the group or individual chat by going to WhatsApp. Click on Chat (Group or Individual) > Menu > Unmute Notifications. 

Q5. Why Can’t I Hear WhatsApp Voice Messages On Mac?

If you are playing a voice message on the Mac and cannot hear it, check if the system sound is configured at the highest level. Plus, the Sound Output settings of Mac should unmute. To do so, go to Apple Logo > System Preferences…> Sound > Output > uncheck the box present next to the Mute.

Q6. Can You Change WhatsApp Sound?

Well, there are no such settings to change the WhatsApp sound on the Mac. However, if you are still willing, head to Apple Logo > System Preferences…> Sound > Sound Effect. Under the Select The Alert Sound, choose any, but this will be applied for every app.

Q7. What Is WhatsApp Default Sound?

The WhatsApp Notification sound is known as Default. 

Q8. How Do I Change My WhatsApp Tone On The Desktop?

Unfortunately, you can change the notification sound for WhatsApp on the desktop.

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