How to Fix Bluetooth Not Available Error on Mac (Ventura, Sonoma)

Error bluetooth is not connectedBluetooth is not available on MacBook Pro, Mac is a common problem, occurs during file transfer on MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or iMac. When Apple releases any principal update, such bluetooth issues are highly likely. Suddenly, Bluetooth keeps disconnecting on Mac, the Bluetooth icon missing on Mac, and often bluetooth is unavailable on Mac. In such circumstances, you cannot use Bluetooth for file transfer.

In this troubleshooting, we will show you how to bring the missing Bluetooth icon on the Mac and the alternate way to get back your bluetooth icon on the status bar of the Mac. We have also made a video tutorial to fix Bluetooth issues on Mac for your convenience.

Quick Tips to fix why Bluetooth not showing in System Preferences,

  • Keep the Bluetooth device or Accessory close to the Mac desktop and notebook.
  • Make sure the bluetooth device is charged enough. Almost all BT devices can play till the 1% charge. But I suggest you should charge your bluetooth device when the battery drains on 10%. If you are out of town or hard to reach at power socket access, in such time, you should carry Portable Power backup to re-charge your accessory.
  • If Bluetooth Device isn’t showing on the Mac Bluetooth pane, then make sure the same bluetooth device isn’t connected to another nearby Mac or PC laptop. The main reason for this is that your Bluetooth-enabled electronic items can be paired with only one output machine at a time—for example, Bluetooth keyboard, BT mouse, trackpad, headset, or other audio devices.

List of Solutions to Fix Error Bluetooth Not Available on Any Mac

Solution 1: Remove All the USB Devices

If the above quick tips fail to restore the bluetooth feature, Try out this. Sometimes connecting multiple devices simultaneously creates chaos for the MacBook Mac. For example, the Mac might be interfered with by the None-Apple accessories; in such case, for once, disconnect all the accessories, including the Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers, and other peripherals, and reconnect them.

Solution 2: Check the Sound Output

If you’re experiencing bluetooth issues with the wireless Headphones on Mac, then make sure the internal sound settings are in your favor. Otherwise, it won’t work.

  1. Go to Apple Logo() > System Settings.
  2. Locate the Sound.
  3. Select the Output tab and make sure the connected speaker is selected, or if you’re playing songs on MacBook itself, then choose Built-in.

The Sound output setting on your computer is all right; however, your Bluetooth device can’t pair to your Mac. Oh!! This issue is tiny but a major problem for you because you can’t listen to Mac playback on your headphones, either wireless or wired headphones. Don’t worry; I’ve several strategies that maybe help you to complete your issue quickly. You have to follow the line-by-line, which are given below.

Solution 3: Remove Bluetooth Preference File

Since Bluetooth is not available on macOS, the first step you should take is to remove the bluetooth preferences file. These files get corrupted after some time, so it is better if you remove the bluetooth preferences file from Mac and fix Bluetooth not working issue. Here’s how to do it,

Step #1. Quit all System Preferences or apps on your Mac as well that app which has to try to establish the Bluetooth connection between your Mac and another device.  

Step #2. Launch Finder App on Mac, From top Menu Go > Go to Folder.

Step #3. Now there is type /Library/Preferences/ and Hit the return to see all the Preferences files.

Step #4. Now, Search file ‘’’’ After finding that delete the file.

Step #5. Now, Restart your Mac, Go to the Apple Logo > Restart.

It will open with New Bluetooth Configuration. So here, your Error should fix to connect the Bluetooth device. If your issue is still unresolved, follow the given alternate way.

Solution 4: Reboot Your Mac SMC   

Once you remove the bluetooth preferences file from the Mac, the next thing that should be done is reboot the system. All the changes that you have made will be effective after refreshing the Mac. This is how you can reboot your Mac SMC.

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You can reset the Intel-based Mac’s SMC from the source of Reset SMC (System Management Controller). You can get from this link how to reset MacBook Pro, and Mac Book Air without batteries, and with batteries as well as iMac and other Macs.

Solution 5: Manually Search Device

Bluetooth device not appearing on MacBook Pro or any other macOS version, then make sure to search for the bluetooth device manually. Turn Off and On the bluetooth to refresh the bluetooth system of Mac.

  • Click on the Apple logo on the top menubar
  • Choose System Preferences.
  • Click Bluetooth.

Remove all the Devices, Search manually from this window. If you find the device, then try to connect it.

Solution 6: Restart the Bluetooth Device or Accessories

Many times we were busy teasing the Mac and, at last, found that the real culprit was the Bluetooth accessory or device that we were trying to connect with Mac. So, let your Mac rest for a while and restart the bluetooth device/accessory that you are trying to connect with Mac. Alternatively, connect the Bluetooth device to any other Mac or PC to ensure it works properly.

Solution 7: Check for System Update

Bluetooth device is working properly? Surely now there is a problem with your Mac System. Did you check for the updates on Mac? If not, then kindly do it. Updating macOS to the latest software version is the easiest way to eliminate connectivity issues on Mac. Here’s how to update macOS.

  • Click on the Apple logo on the top menu bar > System Settings > General > Software Update.

Don’t miss out on leaving your reply in the comment after getting perfect on Bluetooth not Available on Mac devices.

Solution 8: Reset Bluetooth Module

If Bluetooth keeps disconnecting on macOS, reset your Mac’s Bluetooth module. This will remove all the connected Bluetooth devices, such as Mouse, Keyboard, etc., for once; later, you must reconnect them.

  1. Go to the Terminal app.
  2. Type sudo pkill bluetoothd.
  3. Hit return and enter the password.

If you see the Bluetooth icon on the status bar, then you can follow these steps to reset the Bluetooth module on your Mac.

  1. Press the Shift+Option keys on the keyboard
  2. Now click on the “Bluetooth” icon on your Mac.
  3. Hover the mouse on “Debug” and click on the “Reset Bluetooth module.”

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  1. Fixed!

    It’s been two weeks, but ASUS working now and connected to a 4-Port USB hub with power adapter (Sabrent brand). The benefit is that I can turn the ASUS bluetooth off and back on from the hub in order to reset the bluetooth and get the keyboard connected again.

    The key is to setup the MacBook Pro 15 with that command line that tells the computer to look for external bluetooth sources first before going to the internal Bluetooth. It bypasses that crummy bluetooth module inside the laptop.​


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