Alternate way to solve Error- Bluetooth not Available on Mac – Solved

Alternate ways to fix Bluetooth not available on Mac OS, when you try to transfer the file via Bluetooth on your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac. So sometimes you might feel irksome errors on your Mac Bluetooth unavailable.

An error occurs after you update your OS X EI Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, etc. But don’t worry here you get Alternate Way how to get back Bluetooth icon on the top Status bar on Mac. Using Bluetooth, you can share the file from iOS device to Mac and vice versa up to 10-meter range (33 feet).

Keep in mind ever Bluetooth not available mistake appear to your Mac then you must check out your Apple System profile. Hardware > Bluetooth, there you’ll see ‘No information found’. You guy, head over on bottom guide to fix Mac Bluetooth problem.

Elixir Solution to Fix Error Bluetooth not available on Mac – Special for All MacOS X

1st Way:

Step #1. Exit all System Preferences or app on your Mac as well that app which has to try to establish the Bluetooth connection between your Mac and another device.  

Step #2. Press, Command +Shift+ G in the Finder app

Step #3. Finder will open the ‘’Go to the Folder’’, Now there type /Library/Preferences/.

best ways to find Bluetooth files on Mac

Step #4. Now, Search file ‘’’’ after found that delete all files and there are any other files related the same extension then also remove them.

Bluetooth not Available on Mac Solved by Alternate way

Step #5. Now, go back to the main screen of your Mac and Click on Apple Menu

Step #6. Click on Shutdown option, and your Mac happened to restart after some time and after that again Sync your Bluetooth device.

It will open with New Bluetooth Configuration. So here, your Error should fix to connect Bluetooth device If your issue still not resolved then follow beneath given second way.

2nd Way – Reboot Your Mac SMC   

You can use this only, and only your Bluetooth error has not moved. In This way, you’ve to need Reboot SMC (System Management Controller) of your Mac.

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You can reset Intel-based Mac’s SMC from Reset SMC (System Management Controller) source. You can get from this link how to reset MacBook Pro, Mac Book Air without batteries and with batteries as well iMac and other Mac.

3rd Way: Manually Search Device

Open System Preferences on Mac, Find Bluetooth.

Remove all the Device, Search manually from this window. if you find the device, then try to connect it.

4th Way: Restart the Bluetooth Device or Accessories

Might be there is a problem on your Accessories, Try to connect on other device or Mac System.

5th Way: Check for System Update

Apple’s always released a new update on a serious bug like connectivity issues, Slow performance and more. Open App Store > Update > Find Available Updates in list.

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  • It seems a sure way to kill the Airdrop system is to use a WiFi “extender” in the vicinity. Every time I switch my Huawei extender on the Airdrop between my iPhone and Retina iMac stops working, and I eventually manage to get it going only by using the delete plist etc. method you describe. I’m using a Huawai LTE router for Internet access and the “extender (via WiFi from the main router) to get signal to other parts of the house. Unfortunately simply switching off the extender does not immediately repair the lost airdrop – I still have to go through the whole “delete plist, restart etc.” rigmarole to get the Airdrop functioning again.
    I have never seen mention of “extenders” as being an Airdrop killer, so hopefully this will help some others who can’t get Airdrop to work despite the many repair suggestions on the Internet . . .