Apple Watch Won’t Charge to 100% Stuck on Charge WatchOS 10: Here’s Fixes

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Apple Watch Won’t charge after watchOS 10 update? No worries, just give some more time to the Apple Watch and check if the charging process is resumed or not. Apple Watch doesn’t repair Apple watch if your Watch is under warranty or Out of Warranty. So, Don’t waste time behind repair. Carefully read and fix your Apple Watch Charging issues. Usually, it happens when any malware is attacked on a watch, or it can be a bug, or sometimes hardware is damaged. These are the possible reasons why the Apple Watch Series won’t charge.

For the first time when I faced this situation, it was a difficult time for me. Once the battery is drained, the watch will be powered off automatically, and we can’t use the fitness apps or necessary access apps right by raising the wrist. But for them, with my experience of using the iPhone, I fixed Apple Watch won’t charge. Head over to fix yours.

Apple Watch Troubleshooting: My Apple Watch Won’t Charge and Stuck

Solution 1: Apple Watch Green Snake of Death No Charge After WatchOS 10 Update

Apple Watch Stuck on Green Charging Snack
Apple Watch Stuck on Green Charging Snack

Your Apple Watch is Shown Red or Green Charging Snakes of Death and stuck on the same screen. To get out of the charging screen. You are not alone with the problem, 99% fixed these issues using this Do-It-Yourself technique. Don’t be afraid, Because this Apple watch requires enough charging. Keep your Apple Watch on Charge for At Least 30 minutes to do that.

Still, your Apple Watch Screen is stuck on Green Snake, Then Press and Hold Both the Digital Crown button and the Side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen. Now, Your Apple Watch is normal, and Use it means you will access the Apple Watch home screen after 10 percent of charging.

Solution 2: Charge The Apple Watch Using a Different Cable and power brick

Try cleaning the magnetic charger that came with the Apple Watch Series 4 and then again place the watch to charge the watch. Also, you can change the adapter and connect it with iPhone’s or any other adapter. Still, if the problem persists, then change the charger, or you can borrow it from your friend for testing purposes.

Sometimes, a faulty or new-looking Power adapter won’t work (possibly internal damage or electric issue) as we expect but buy a new power adapter or borrow one from your friend and test it out. If it is charge with your friend’s cable then this is the right time to change your Apple Watch charging cable and adapter.

Keep Apple Watch Charging like this
Keep Apple Watch Charging like this [Correct Way]

If you are Suffering from Battery Drain issues

Read this article on how to Save the Apple Watch Battery life, Remove the WatchOS beta from Apple Watch if you are using it. Because Apple Doesn’t give support for Developer WatchOS if it is installed on your Apple Watch. Battery drain becomes a headache then you should erase the apple watch, Restore as a new Apple Watch and follow the rules for Apple Watch Battery Saving tips.

Solution 3: Remove The Case From the Apple Watch

Check if anything is interrupting the Apple Watch and magnetic charger, to make sure to take a thin cloth and clean the watch and charger. Alternatively, uncover the case from the Apple Watch.

Some cheap and unofficial Apple watch case interrupting the charging connector of the Apple watch. Some People are not using this best Apple Watch Waterproof case.

Remove the Wrapper Around The Watch

If you have bought the Apple Watch Series 4 recently and it won’t charge, then you should check if there is any thin plastic left on it. This Apple Watch is wrapped in plastic to prevent scratches. Hence, you must carefully look at the Apple Watch and remove plastic from it.

Packaging Wrapper on Apple Watch and Charger

Also, clean up the back charging part using a fiber cloth. That will remove sweat or any chemical freeze and overlay. Also, clean The Apple Watch Charging Pad.

Solution 4: Try Other Sockets

It might be possible that the socket you use to plug the adapter is defective or not transmitting enough power supply. There are two ways you can verify: one is to try an alternately available socket, and the other is to connect the magnetic charger to the laptop computer, or power bank.

Solution 5: Force Restart Apple Watch

Give a fresh start to the Apple Watch and see if the Apple Watch won’t charge is fixed. With this simple trick, thousands of people have fixed their issues with Apple Watch and iPhone.

How to turn off apple watch 4 when not charging
How to turn off apple watch when not charging

Step #1: Press and hold the Power button and Digital Crown until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Inspect your Apple Watch through VoiceOver [Speak Screen]

Apple Watch is On, But unable to Wakeup or turn on Apple Watch Face light on the Apple Watch screen. That we can know by activating VoiceOver on Apple Watch. Touch and Screen of any part and your Apple Watch speak the screen option that has a touch on the Apple Watch screen.

Make Sure VoiceOver is on For Apple Watch, We can enable it from Watch App on iPhone, Open Watch App > My Watch > Accessibility > Scroll to Accessibility Shortcut > Select VoiceOver Option.

Enable Voiceover on Apple Watch with Tripple click on Digital Crown button
Enable Voiceover on Apple Watch with Tripple click on Digital Crown button

Now, Tripple Click on the Digital Crown button to turn on VoiceOver on Black Screen Apple Watch. Speakable content will listen to you if Watch is on but the screen in Black.

That might cause Hardware issues, take your apple watch to Apple Store as soon as possible. Request for Replace Apple Watch is it’s under warranty.

That’s it.

Apple Repair Guideline for Apple Watch

According to Apple Watch Support guideline, Apple Doesn’t repair Apple Watch parts on damage or replace internal parts for example Battery, Speaker, and more. Apple will give another apple watch for free if your apple watch terms and conditions are followed as expected. Before contact apple support check your Apple Watch Warranty status online. That’s it.

Solution 6: Restore Apple Watch

The last option left is to restore the Apple Watch to fix Apple Watch Series not charging after the update. When it comes to resolving errors in Apple Watch, this trick never disappoints the user. In return, you will have to lose your data and set it up again. To prevent data loss, you can take a backup of the Apple Watch.

Erase All Contents and Settings After that Repair with the same iPhone that will restore the old backup as it is.

  • Step #1: Launch the “Settings” app in Apple Watch.
  • Step #2: Tap “General”.
  • Step #3: Tap “Reset”.
  • Step #4: Lastly, select “Erase All Contents and Settings”.

Might be is there a problem like After Swimming apple watch is not charging. Checkout at a nearby apple store or service department.

After trying all the above solutions, you are unsuccessful in resolving Apple Watch won’t charge then it’s time to contact the genius bar at Apple Support, You can book a free appointment on-call or Chat, Or Get the Replacement of your apple watch if the problem is big and under warranty terms and conditions.

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