Best Home Automation Apps for iPhone and Apple Watch in 2023

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Have you ever left your home lights and electrical appliances turned on and left for a job in a hurry? Home automation has become the basic need of every home these days, helping users manage their homes in a hectic schedule. If you own an iPhone or Apple watch, you can easily control your home from your office or any other place. In this article, you will read about the best home automation apps for iPhones and Apple watches, which are worth checking out.

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1. Google Home – Your home in your hands

Google Home Automation App for iPhone
Google Home

Features: This app is compatible with iOS 15.0 or later. Its latest update has a customizable Favorites tab for most-used devices and a scannable video history with event timelines.

Price = free

The Google Home app allows setting up, managing, and controlling a wide range of devices, including Google Nest, Wi-Fi, and Chromecast. It is compatible with a wide range of smart home products like lights, cameras, and thermostats. You can personalize your home view, create and manage Routines in the Automation tab, and efficiently adjust permissions in the consolidated Settings tab. It offers real-time updates on your home’s status to turn on lights, modify thermostat settings, and receive alerts for visitors or packages at your front door.

2. SmartThings -Remotely control connected devices

SmartThings Home Automation App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Features: This app is compatible with iOS 14.0 or later. Its latest version has improved pairing with devices to track and monitor the smart home. 

Price = Free

The SmartThings app is compatible with hundreds of brands, including Samsung Smart TVs and smart appliances. You can set up scenes to make devices from different brands work together, build routines based on time and device status, share control with others, and receive automated device status updates. Additionally, it also supports voice control through Google Assistant to track and manage energy consumption with the SmartThings Energy feature, optimizing your home’s energy usage for cost savings and efficiency. 

3. Nest – Control your Nest thermostat 

Nest Home Automation App for iPhone

Features: it is compatible with IOS 14.0 or later. It can be used to adjust the temperature from anywhere and keep a watch inside the home.

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Price = Free

The Nest app offers seamless home automation by using sensors, algorithms, and your phone’s location to make smart decisions. You can control your home’s temperature from anywhere, review energy consumption data, and customize your schedule. You can receive extreme temperature alerts, arm/disarm your home remotely, and get reminders if you forget to set the alarm. It also provides security alerts, whether it’s a door opening, a window, or someone entering a room. For added safety, it can detect smoke or carbon monoxide. 

4. Amazon Alexa – Control Smart Home Device

Amazon Alexa Home Automation App for iPhone
Amazon Alexa

Features: it notifies you with reminders for shopping and music playback to continue from where you left off. It is compatible with iOS 14.0 or later.

Price = free

The Amazon Alexa app helps to manage smart devices, control music playback, access shopping lists, reminders, and timers on the go. You can set up and monitor compatible smart home devices, including lights, locks, and thermostats. You can enjoy music from various services and create speaker groups for multi-room playback. Moreover, it keeps you updated with shopping and to-do lists, weather updates, timers, and alarms. It has a Drop In for instant communication feature and call/message capabilities with supported Alexa devices at no extra cost. 

5. ecobee – Imagine what home could be 

ecobee Home Automation App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Features: ecobee uses the smart sensor to monitor the lights and security of the home remotely. It is compatible with the iOS 15.0 or later.

Price = In-app purchases start from $4.99 to $89.99

The Ecobee app offers a simple and effective solution for energy savings and robust security. It’s user-friendly and easy to install, which allows you to control smart thermostats, SmartCamera, and SmartSensor devices. You can customize thermostat schedules for energy efficiency and create smart home automation using Autopilot mode. It features intelligent alerts for entryways and other areas for added security. Plus, you can explore potential rebates on your energy bills through your utility company.

6. – Keep your home or business connected Home Automation App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Features: it allows the control of security, lights, locks, and video cameras in the office or home. It is compatible with iOS 14.0 or later.

Price = Free

The app offers comprehensive security and smart home control, connecting security, locks, lights, cameras, and more into a single protective system. You can control your entire property remotely; it provides intelligent alerts, live video feeds, and automation for security and daily tasks. You can stay informed about entries and unexpected activity, watch live and recorded videos, customize video alerts, interact with visitors through the doorbell camera, and unlock doors.

7. Resideo – Location-Based Control 

Resideo Home Automation App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Features: it offers security to all areas of a home to prevent unauthorized access. The app is compatible with version iOS 14.0 or later.

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Price = free

Resideo features a one-touch dashboard so you can control every corner of the home with just a single view. It has built-in Amazon Alexa, which allows you to monitor and control various areas of the home. The thermostat control helps you to save energy when you are not around; moreover, it has a Wi-Fi security camera, water leak detection, and location-based controlling to detect persons, pets, water, temperature, and anything to ensure total security of the home. 

8. Smart Life – Smart Living 

Smart Life Home Automation App for iPhone and Apple Watch 
Smart Life

Features: it is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later. It allows the control and manage home products in an intelligent way.

Price = In-app purchases start from $1.99 to $25.99

Smart Life is a user-friendly app designed for effortless control and management of your smart home devices, simplifying your daily Life. It seamlessly integrates with HealthKit, allowing you to sync health data, such as BMI, weight, height, and fat percentage, from your body fat scale to Apple Health. This feature provides a comprehensive view of your health, promoting a smarter and more connected lifestyle. Please remember to grant health privacy permissions for Smart Life to access this valuable health data and enhance your well-being.

9. Alfred Home Security Camera – First-ever hardware camera

Alfred Home Automation App for iPhone

Features: it is the best home surveillance camera app that can used anytime and anywhere. It is compatible with iOS 11.0 or later.

Price = In-app purchases start from $4.99 to $29.99

If you need security for your home, then Alfred is the simplest home surveillance system with professional-grade features, adaptable for any security need. It provides live streaming, instant intruder alerts, walkie-talkie functionality, and unlimited cloud storage for video footage. It operates as a portable video monitor, eliminating the need for a dedicated security guard. In case of incidents like theft, the video footage proves invaluable.

10. Lutron App – Lighting Control 

Lutron Home Automation App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Features: it allows personalization of the light shades according to day and night time. It is compatible with only iOS 15.6 or later.

Price = free

Lutron is the best lighting control app that allows you to monitor and control the shades of the light from your iPhone from anywhere. Whether you have a party or some special function at your home, you can personalize the place with attractive lights using the Lutron app. It is a simple and secure light control app that is free to use. The only thing you will need is the Lutron system and its compatible smart lighting products. If you need help, you can call a professional Lutron installer anytime and get your job done. 

11. Nuki Smart Lock – Small Upgrade Door Lock

Nuki Home Automation App for iPhone and Apple Watch

Features: it allows you to control, lock, and unlock your house door from the app itself. This app is compatible with iOS 14.5 or later.

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Price = free

The Nuki Smart Lock App transforms your iPhone into a smart key, offering a seamless and secure way to manage your door access. With Auto-Unlock, the door opens automatically as you approach and locks when you leave. You can easily share access codes via SMS or WhatsApp from the app. The activity log keeps you informed about your door’s status. It’s designed for indoor use, allowing you to stay in control and manage access permissions for friends and loved ones for home access control.

Final thoughts,

Though the iPhone and Apple watch already have some built-in apps, for a more personalized experience, you must try the above apps to manage your home efficiently and keep it secure. These Smart Home Apps for iPhone provide insight into the modern lifestyle of the future since they can handle everything from entertainment and security to lighting and climate management. The seamless integration of these gadgets will only improve with the advancement of technology, offering homeowners never-before-seen levels of convenience and control.

So, do you use any home automation gadgets on a daily basis? Feel free to comment below in the comment section about your thoughts on Home automation apps. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are the useful gadgets for the home?

There are many useful gadgets for the home. Some of them are smart thermostats for effective energy usage, robot vacuum cleaners for effortless cleaning, and voice-activated virtual assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Security cameras are also a great addition to having peace of mind, while smart plugs control appliances remotely. Additionally, air purifiers and smart lighting are also essential for comfort and air quality.

Q2. What app can I use to control my house?

You can use apps like “Amazon Alexa” for voice-activated smart devices, “Google Home” or “Apple HomeKit” for seamless ecosystem integration, and “SmartThings” for full home automation to operate your house remotely. Using these apps on your tablet or smartphone, you can control lights, thermostats, security systems, and more.

Q3. Which is better for home automation?

Your requirements and preferred ecosystem will determine which home automation system is best for you. “SmartThings” is flexible and works with a range of gadgets. For Apple users, “Apple HomeKit” is safe and easy to utilize. “Google Home” works well with other Google goods. 

Q4. What are the common uses of home automation?

Home automation is frequently used to manage energy use, create customized routines, improve security with smart locks and cameras, and remotely control lights, thermostats, and appliances. Along with automating chores like watering the yard or maintaining pet feeders, home automation may enhance entertainment systems with smart speakers and integrated streaming devices.

Q5. What is full home automation?

A “smart home,” or full home automation, is a comprehensive system that links and manages, via a central hub or app, a number of different parts of your house, including lighting, heating, cooling, security, entertainment, and more. It can help to improve convenience, energy efficiency, and security by its ability to monitor and regulate remotely.

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