Dropdown Menus Not Opening on Mac (MacOS Sonoma)

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If you find yourself dealing with frozen dropdown menus on your Mac during work, it can be a frustrating experience. When the clock is ticking and you’re left with a Mac that looks great but doesn’t work, things can quickly go from bad to worse. This situation becomes even more urgent if you’re dealing with dropdown menus that won’t open on a Mac running the latest macOS.

Whether you’re dealing with Apple Dropdown or other applications like Finder, Safari, and more, there are several ways to fix the issue of dropdown menus not opening in macOS. By following the steps in this guide, you can get your Mac working as it should and avoid this issue in the future.

Ways to Fix Dropdown Menus Not Working on Mac 

Here are eleven different ways to resolve dropdown menu not working on Mac. 

Solution #1. Force Quit All App

If your Mac drop down stuck, a better solution is to force close the background. In this scenario, you only need to press

Step 1: Options + Command + Esc and then Command + A to select all applications.
Step 2: At last, click on the Force Quit Button. 

Options + Command + Esc Select All Application Tap Force Quit On Mac

Step 3: Select Force Quit on mac.

Click Force Quit All apps On Mac

Solution #2. Close Unresponsive App

If facing an issue with a particular app, for instance, the Finder dropdown not working on Mac, that means the issue lies within it. In this scenario, you must try closing the specific as the minor bug within the app is causing the problem. To do so, press the Command + Q when the app opens. Or Close the app from Activity Monitor.

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Step 1: Command + Space launch Activity Monitor.

Command + Space Click Activity Monitor On Mac

Step 2: Search App name from the Top Search box,Tap Select App.

Click Unresponsive App Select (X) Close Button On Mac

Step 3: Tap on Close button Click on Force Quit.

Choose Force Quit On Mac

Solution #3. Force Quit Heavy Apps Using Activity Monitor

Not only faulty applications but heavy apps, like browsers with multiple tabs, can cause the App drop-down not working on macOS Sonoma and later versions. Activity monitor gives an overview of your Mac’s active applications and usage statistics in real time so you can identify the application and close it from there.

Step 1: Press Command + Space to open Spotlight Search.
Step 2: Enter Activity Monitor and click on it to open.

Command + Space Click Activity Monitor On Mac

  Step 3: Search App name from the Top Search box,Tap Select App

Click Unresponsive App Select (X) Close Button On Mac

Step 4: Select the Force Quit On Mac.

Choose Force Quit On Mac

Solution #4. Restart your Mac

If the problem persists, it’s suggested to restart your Mac computer. You can do this by pressing the Power Keys(Touch ID Buttons) For Apple Silicon Mac. and For intel Mac “Control + Command + Power Keys” Simultaneously until the Mac completely shuts down.

Solution #5. Updates Apps to their latest version

If the app dropdown isn’t working correctly or is buggy, and often come across the same problem. Try updating the application to its latest version and see if the issue gets fixed. Regardless, it’s the best solution to keep the application in shape. To do so, follow the steps below.

Step 1:Command + Space to open Spotlight.
Step 2: Enter the App Store and click on it to open.

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Command + Space Click App Store On Mac

Step 3: After this, click on the Update option in the left pane.
Step 4: Search for the app you’re having an issue with, and click on the Update Button.

Open App Store Tap Updates Click Update All On Mac

Solution #6. Update macOS

Running Mac on an older macOS version can lead to specific issues, including dropdown not working on Mac. Thus, keeping your Mac whenever the update is available is often recommended. For this, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press the Command + Space to open Spotlight.
Step 2: Enter System Settings… and click on it to open.

Command + Space Click System Settings On Mac

Step 3: Select General from the left pane.
Step 4: Click on Software Update on the right side of the screen.

Click General Tap On Software Update On Mac

Step 5: Now, let your Mac check for updates. If available, click on Checking for updates..

Select Checking For Updates.. On Mac

Solution #7. Uninstall Faulty Apps

It’s feasible that a buggy app can cause an unresponsive Mac dropdown. In this case, the best solution is to delete the app (Find No Compatible Mac Apps). If you are facing an issue with a specific app, you must immediately uninstall it and check for the issue. For this, we have created a separate article, learning how to uninstall apps on Mac running the latest macOS. 

Solution #8. Disconnect External Accessories

Connecting external accessories, for instance, a USB drive, portable hard drive, USB drive, can sometimes consume corrupted files, applications, or malware that can cause various issues, including dropdown menus not working on Mac. Thus, we suggest disconnecting all accessories and see if the problem gets fixed.

Solution #9. Downgrade Mac to stable macOS Version

If you’re running a Mac on a developer version that has been publicly available, there are possible chances that the macOS you’re currently running isn’t stable. To prevent the Mac drop-down from freezing, you should downgrade to a stable macOS version. For this, we have created a separate article. Learn how to macOS to a stable macOS version. 

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Solution #10. Restart Using Safe Mode

Restarting the Mac to safe mode is likely the best solution to fix any issue on your Mac. That’s because Safe Mode turns off unnecessary programs. However, this procedure differs for Mac with Intel Chip and Apple Silicon Chip. So, to check which Mac you have, press Command + Space, enter About This Mac, and click on it to open. Click on More Info, and the next screen, you’ll see which chip your Mac has. Once you verify, follow the steps below.

For Apple Silicon Mac 

  1. Shut down your Mac (Apple logo > Shut down).
  2. Wait for 10 seconds and then press and hold the Power Key until the Mac screen shows the Apple Logo and then the message – Loading Startup Options. 
  3. In the startup options, locate your Mac’s Storage Drive.
  4. Hold the Shift Button and choose your Mac’s SSD.
  1. Click Continue to boot to Safe Mode.
  2. You’ll now see Safe Mode in the upper right corner of the Mac screen.

For Apple Intel Mac

  1. Press Control–Option–Command–Power button or Control–Option–Command–Media Eject to shut down your Mac. 
  2. Press the Power Button and instantly press the Shift Button.
  3. Keep pressing the key until the Mac screen shows the login screen.
  4. Safe Mode will now appear in the top right corner of the Mac screen. 

However, if the problem continues in Safe Mode, then you’ll need to reinstall macOS. 

Solution #11. Contact Apple Support Team

If none of the solutions mentioned above has helped you to resolve the dropdown menu not working on Mac, contact the Apple Support Team. That’s because it’s the only solution left around to resolve the problem. However, there are different ways to contact them, so learn How to Contact Apple Support Team.

Final Verdict!

This is how you can resolve the dropdown menu not working on Mac; if you’ve any relatable queries, feel free to drop them in the comment box below. 

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