How to Set Animated Memoji for Login Screen on Mac macOS Monterey

Last Updated on Dec 4, 2021

Get Professional and Cute, Funny Expression with your Custom Animated Memoji on your Mac Login screen or Each user account and login. First, Create and Make your Look with Memoji on your Mac and Save it for your login screen. Then that reacts to you when you sign in! While Waiting for login, Entering a Password, incorrect Password Attempts/ Touch ID on Mac. Also, that looks fantastically with the Setup Custom Mac Login screen backgroud.

Till now, we have witnessed tones of macOS Monterey features and new settings on Mac, MacBook; that said, some are limited to M1 Mac, but all the significant add-ons are available for both M1 and Intel-based Mac devices. One of the small features but more of a chance to personalize the Mac is add an animated Memoji that reacts to you when you sign in on the login screen. The developers have added the same concept to create and use the Memoji and Emoji on the Mac Login Screen that we’re already using in Messages App and other Apple-compatible apps.

You can assign different Memojis to different user accounts; the process remains the same. If you are happy with inbuilt Memoji and Emoji, select from the collection that shows up, or create personalized Memojis of your choice using tools and multiple styles.

How to Create Memoji on Mac Login Screen & Edit

Memoji for Mac Login Screen is available in the User & Groups of System Preferences. Here’s how you can navigate and set the Memoji on Mac Login Screen.

  1. Click on the Apple logo. Go to System Preferences. finder-system-preferences-option-on-mac-2
  2. Find and click on Users & Groups.users-group-in-system-preferences-on-mac
  3. To make changes, click on the lower-left lock button and enter the administrator password.
  4. Choose the Profile for which you wish to add animated Emoji.
  5. Click Edit on the profile picture.edit-profile-picture-for-mac-login-on-mac
  6. Select Memoji or Emoji option from the sidebar > click [+] Plus to create customize animated Memoji for Login Screen. or Directly apply Default Memojis are given on screen.create-a-new-custom-memoji-for-mac-login-screen
  7. Select Memoji style that you wish to use.get-started-creating-memoji-on-mac-login
  8. Then go to the Pose tab, choose the pose from there.apply-your-look-to-emoji-on-mac
  9. Pose.selet-pose-for-memoji-on-mac-login
  11. Align Memoji on Login Circle screen,rearrange-the-or-enlarge-or-align-momoji-on-mac-login
  12. The Style tab will also have some interesting options; make sure to have a look at that too.
  13. Once you’re done, click Save.

Now, Test on your Login screen, Apple logo from top menu > Lock Screen. See how it looks.

See My mac login screen,


Animated memoji not working on Mac Login screen

Is your Mac won’t play memoji on the Mac login screen? Then reboot your Mac and Test the result. I hope this works or Might be Bug will fix it in the next macOS subsequent update.

Can’t set animated Memoji on Mac Login Screen? Ensure the Mac is up to date with macOS Monterey or newer version, click on the Apple menu > System Preferences > Software Update. Check the macOS Firmware. Installed macOS must be MacOS Monterey.

  • If it’s installed then, Go to the Apple logo > About This Mac > Check Overview and see macOS Version.

Memoji Not Animated on MacBook

Repeat the same step above given for creating Memoji on Mac Login Screen & Edit for change appearance. Sometimes internal software issues or bugs can fix after putting your Mac in safe mode or Reinstall macOS On mac.

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