How to enable website restriction on OS X Yosemite: Guest or Child account

prohibition or disable some websites urls that should not be open in your guest or child account on same Mac OS X but can open only in admin account. Apple gives more restriction rules in OS X Yosemite, though this way you can set all the websites list that should be open as a guest or child login called parental control managed by administrator. Might be list is too long in this case you can add lists of website that should be only open in browser. here i given complete guide on turn/ enable website restriction on OS X Yosemite and possible alternate solution about that.

Parental restrictions on safari browser, So not all website can access from guest login.

Note: Before that you have to apply restriction on new apps install on guest account. Other wise third party software or alternate browser might be crack your restriction settings within account.

This setting is applicable on Mac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook air, iMac and MacMini all version.

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How to apply/ enable website restriction on OS X Yosemite on your guest or child login

By default option on web internet URL, allowed all web address that you want search in browser.

But you have to change/ update through below steps given,

Step 1: First you have guest user account or Child account, if you don’t have create on from User account under the System preference > Users and Groups. you have already guest account jump for next step.Create new guest account on same Mac

Unlock with login for add new account.

Enter correct details related to account

Enter new login details.,

Enter details for access login

Step 2: Go to the Apple menu from top > System preference > parental Control.Apple restriction on new account here for Websites

Step 3: Unlock for Change Settings, Click on the name of guest account from right pane,

Step 4: From the top tab option click on “Web” option.enable website restriction on OS X Yosemite for Guest account

Step 5: Choose third option: Allow only to these websites.

To add more click on “+” or remove click on “-“.

Now login your guest account and Open safari browser, Type another web address then not be added in list as a restricted websites.

here, Ex. facebook.comCheck website access on user or Guest login

Note: Second option allow option for block website URL and Allow websites URL in list. Best suitable option for enable website restriction on OS X Yosemite is also available.

Amazing setting without any third party software and application user can Block, restrict on URL for particular account very well through enable website restriction on OS X Yosemite parental control features.