How to Share Screen One Mac to other Mac: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Hello, a friend here I’ll discuss on how to Share Screen One Mac to other Mac? Good question but no answer you’ve right. Okay, no problem I’m giving you to way for screen sharing, so which is quite helpful to achieve your success. Luckily, Apple has made its Mac very intelligent, so you don’t require downloading or installing other third party software in your Mac. Because Screen sharing feature already defaults on Mac. You’ve to need to enable sharing option in your Mac. If it’s Turned ON, then you can easily able to share your Mac screen with other Mac.

Do you know how much value this feature? Using this characteristic you can get troubleshooting to your error/ bug by sharing your Mac screen to error solver expert so that you don’t have to go there, where your remote Mac located. Additionally, the user of the other Mac can see your Mac screen, open and close windows, free apps, even he or she can do restart your Mac also.

Let’ We Check how to turn on and Share Screen One Mac to other Mac

Open sharing preferences in your Mac, if it’s still not turned ON then select checkbox and do it Turn ON. Before start screen sharing with opposite Mac user. Follow step 1 and enable screen sharing.

Step 1. Select Apple Menu, Top sidebar menu of Mac screen >> System preference, then click on Sharing between Mac.   you can go sharing tools from system preferences

Step 2. Now, select the screen sharing checkbox.

Note: please keep Remote management check box deselect, before start screen sharing.    sharing tools to get settings of share screen between two Mac

Share Screen One Mac to other Mac using this setupStep 3 Now you’ve two options Specific user and all users screen sharing. Which options should be select it depends on your requirement. But yeah,

  • If you select All user – then anyone can share your Mac Screen that users have already user account in your Mac.
  • If you select Specific user: – in this option, screen sharing is controlled/restricted for some specific user.   

Step 4. If you Selected ‘’only these users’’, then click on Add + button bottom of the user’s list, and do one of the given below for share screen one Mac to other Mac.

  • Select a user from Users & Groups – which are involved all the users of your Mac
  • Select a user from Network Users or Network Groups, which include everyone on your network.

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That’s it. Now you can easily share screen one Mac to other Mac. It’s to be work as remote access.

In, last you can also share or remote access of your Mac screen using the best VNC Viewer iOS Apps. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

We ardor to sharing this article with you, share screen one Mac to other Mac. Leave your reply in the comment box if you have a good suggestion.

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