How to Connect Apple Pencil to iPad (2024 Updated)

You may never have seen the Apple Pencil, so inherently, you are looking for how to Connect Apple Pencil to iPad. First, let know in brief about Apple pencil and then we will start how to Un-pair, Pair Apple Pencil with iPad Pro & Procreate. Apple announced a first-time digital stylus for its bigger-screen iPad Pro. The Pencil is fraught by Multi-touch technology, amazing for greater precision, right down to a single pixel, etc. And it’s a rechargeable tool that works through Bluetooth.

So before you use Apple Pencil, you need Bluetooth pair between Apple pencil and your iPad Pro. The entire theory is very easy, like any other third-party Bluetooth device. So keep continue and make familiar about how to use Apple Pencil with iPad pro.

Free Trick on How to Connect Apple Pencil to iPad

way to un-pair, Pair Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

Steps on how to pair Apple Pencil with iPad Pro, with procreate

  • Step 1. Take off the Apple pencil cap.
how to Take off the Apple pencil cap

(If you are, first time going to do pair between Apple Pencil and iPad Pro)

  • Step 2. Now plug it into the lightning connector on your iPad Pro
  • Step 3. When you see the popup mean a Pair button, tap on it.

You’re done.

I Hope, you will have successfully coupled between iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. If you want to use the same Apple Pencil with another iPad pro then you can do it with the same steps.

If you turn off Bluetooth on iPad Pro, let a look at the instance, if you turn on airplane mode then you will need to turn on Bluetooth and pair your Apple Pencil again. So now, use these drawing apps for iPad Pro and get enjoy.

You can check the battery level of your Apple pencil at the Notification bar on your iPad Pro. To see it pull-down screen and look on batteries widget.

How to Un-pair Apple Pencil from iPad Pro

Generally, Apple pencil will automatically un-pair for Apple iPad Pro; As well as it will also pair as above-given steps with other iPad Pro. But yeah, if you want to do manually un-pair Apple pencil from iPad pro then please go with bottom steps.

  1. Go to the Settings app from your iPad Pro Home screen.
  2. Tap on Bluetooth.
  3. Press the Info button to the right side of Apple Pencil under My Devices.
  4. Tap on Forget.

That’s it.

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