How to Unhide Purchased apps on iPhone, iPad using iTunes – iOS 8

Last Updated: Feb 2, 2015

How to unhide Purchased apps on iPhone and iPad? Here, you can learn Unhiding apps tip on iOS 8 device Such as iPhone 6, 6 plus and other iDevice. Once made the hidden apps and after that you want to re-download the hide purchased apps on your iPhone then you can do it using iTunes. Best tip for Family sharing enabled user so now unhide apps on your iPhone home screen. You can unhide App store purchases on your iPhone/ iPad using beneath given ways.

Open App Store >> Tap on Update on iPhone and then Tap on Purchased button >> Tap on My Purchases >> Swipe left on app and then Tap on Unhide button. That’s it. Under given steps are for, unhide purchased apps on iPhone using iTunes.    

Way to make any hidden to Unhide Purchased apps on iPhone, iPad via iTunes

Step 1. Open iTunes on your Mac or computer

Step 2. Now, Click on iTunes Store and Sign in with Apple ID and password

Step 3. Select the Store then View ‘’Account’’. Here you might be asked enter your Password again.

Step 4.Go inside the ‘’Account information Summary’’ and then scroll down for the ‘’iTunes in the Cloud section’’

(If, you’re not iTunes Match subscriber then you can do it by using this tip How to subscribe iTunes Match using iPhone)

Step 5. Under, the iTunes in the Cloud Section, Click on Manage in the right side of Hidden Purchases

’iTunes in the Cloud section on Mac screen

Step 6. Choose items as content type, which you want to make unhide such as Movie, Music, TV Shows, Apps or Books from the Top side menu bar.      

Step 7. Click on Unhide Button below the items would like to restore on your iPhone  unhide purchased apps on iPhone how to or iPad or you can also Unhide All items at press one on Unhide All Button.   

Tap on Unhide Button to view hidden items or apps on iPhone or iPad  That’s it. If, unhide apps or items may not available in your Mac or Computer then it’ll being downloading automatically.

You can hide purchased apps on your iPhone and iPad via best trick to hide purchased apps on iPhone/ iPad. Would you like this guide on unhide purchased apps on iPhone, iPad gadgets?