How to Post A live photo on Facebook iPhone App in 2020

Post A Live Photo on Facebook on iPhone mobile

Would you like to Post a live photo on Facebook from iPhone App? Available as a first live photo supporting app on the whole Apple app store. So iOS users became crazy about that, Are you really? We know about GIF supported most of the iOS app but not for live photos. With the Facebook app, you can share live photos captured on 3D touch supported devices from saved in the camera roll. if you know that, live photo creates frames So it allocates 2x space compare to normal photos. When you browse photos you didn’t get a separate folder structure for live photos. in that case, the Facebook app will help to identify your live photo and normal photo. So you can easily share or Post live photos on Facebook timeline or profile.

Note: Before going for further process, please verify your Facebook app up to date with the latest version release with live photo (Audio + Video) support.

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Trick to Post a live photo on Facebook from Apple iPhone App

  • #1 Go to the Facebook app and Open it on iPhone.
  • #2 Tap on photos. at top of the app.
  • inside the app, you didn’t find live photos in the separate filter, mixed with other photos in the camera roll. Keep in mind which photo live and share as live.
  • #3 Once you choose picture tap on it and From banath of iPhone screen tap on live.
  • #4 Finally Tap on a post from the top right iPhone screen. Post live photos on Facebook iPhone with iOS 9

Now anyone can view the live photo on Facebook by tap and long press on it.

How to know: Photo on Facebook is a live photo or not?

Before that please note your iPhone is not silent or Showing circle icon at bottom right corner.

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