How To Recall An Email In Outlook For Mac, Windows 11

What Is The Recall In Outlook? It is one of the most common questions arises in every user. However, it offers a handy way to recall messages that you have mistakenly, incorrectly, or else in the moment of heat sent to the recipients. Unfortunately, moving forward, there are some users who are either not familiar with it or don’t know How to unsend the email in Outlook Web.

Unfortunately, not being familiar with such advanced features is the most frustrating situation. Well, no need to worry! As a sturdy user of Outlook, we have craved the complete guide on How to recall/cancel a sent email in Outlook, so get your seat belt ready and go for a long ride!

How to unsend an email In Outlook – Tips & Tricks

In the article, we have made a complete guide about how to use recalling an email in outlook, so don’t miss out on any steps and read the article with an open eye.


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Possible reasons to Unsend Email

  • A user accidentally sent the email before it was completed.
  • You accidentally sent the email to the wrong guy.
  • Found an error.
  • Forgot to add an attachment or want to add a signature.
  • You change your mind.

How To Recall Outlook Messages

Keep in mind that the feature won’t work on the web-based Outlook and only works with desktop recipients. However, the feature only works when the sender and receiver use either Microsoft Exchange or else Microsoft 365 Account, at the same point, both should be from the same organization. After reaching out to those needs mentioned above, follow the steps below.

for macOS users,

The sad news for Mac users is that the Outlook mac app doesn’t allow you to recall the Message after 20 seconds in any version of Outlook. However, you can still recall the Message only if you have configured the undo feature for Outlook on Mac. Outlook allows you to undo the Message for up to 20 seconds.

This feature is only available on the outlook 356 Mac Updated app, Not available in Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013 & Older.

1→ Open Outlook On Mac. From the top menu Outlook > Preferences.


2→ Select Composing Option > Under the Undo Send section, You can cancel a message after you’ve selected Send, Wait to send messages for 5, 10, and 20 Seconds.

Here’s I selected 20, so I will get undo message option at bottom of the Outlook app after send a mail after 20 seconds. That’s the reason Outlook mail gets delayed if you sent it wrong then Set to minimum time and use Undo feature when you retract an E-mail in Outlook.

3→ After sending it, wait for delay sound and See Undo option. That’s it.


Alternatively, you can also log in with the same Outlook ID on Apple Mail to undo messages within 10 seconds.

However, in case of an undo Message, it’s better to go with Outlook as it offers a maximum of 20 seconds. 

For more convenience, you can use the Boot Camp Mode To install Windows On Mac and then use outlook with the same ID.

Note: If your Account is a POP or MAPI account, you will not be allowed to recall the Message.

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For Windows users,

1 → Open the Outlook App > Sent Items, search and select the desired email that you are willing to recall. 

step to recall or replace outlook email in windows-recall

2 → Head to the Message present in the Toolbar to activate it. Now, move to the Move section > Actions Move option show-up as a letter with an Envelope icon.

Click on message window to recall outlook mail

3 → Choose Recall This Message… write from the drop-down list.


4 → If your UI is shown as a simplified version of the ribbon, go through the mentioned options: Message > Three-Dot Icons > Actions > Recall This Message.

5 → On the screen, you will receive a pop-up window along with two options: Delete Unread Copies or Delete Unread Copies And Replace With New Message.

Moreover, you will get options to make Outlook notify you if the procedure succeeds or fails. Choose Options > OK.

recall outlook mail in windows

6 → If you have selected to create a replacement, Outlook opens a second window so you can once go through a message. Outlook will recall your previous Mail and notify you as you compile the email. 

7 → Choose Send option after the completion.

However, creating a new recall message will not completely clear the older Message. This will only happen when the receiver opens the recall message for the first time.

To prevent misguidance regarding the Mail, you must write URGENT. In the end, your doubt will get cleared about how to recall or undo sent Mail in Outlook webmail 365.

How To Schedule A Message To Be Sent Later On Outlook

Sometimes due to the hectic schedule, it’s tough to remember the particular date and time on which we have to send the Mail to the client or the employee.

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In such a case, if it’s an outlook with you, no need to worry! As it offers to schedule single or multiple Mail at a time.

For macOS users,

1 → Compose the Mail and add the receiver, either one or multiple, as per your need.

2 → On the Send Option, choose Drop Down Menu > Send Later. Afterward, set desired time and date.


3 → Choose Send; doing so will save the Message in the Draft until the selected date and time. No need to worry it will be sent even if Outlook is not opened.


For Windows Users,

  1. While compiling a mail, choose More Options > Tags.
  2. Below Delivery Options > Do Not Deliver Before tick box and then hit the delivery date and time you desired.
  3. Hit Close.

Note: Outlook Web users can also schedule an email in Outlook. Compose an Email in and See the Down arrow to find send later option, select the date and schedule for later send it automatically.

After you choose Send, this will remain in the Outbox until and unless it delivers. And if you are willing to send the email instantly, follow the steps given below.

  1. Head to the Outbox Folder > Access the delayed Message.
  2. Choose More Options present under Tag.
  3. Right below the Delivery Options, choose Do Not Deliver Before.
  4. Click Close > Send.

That’s how you can never miss the important Mail delivered on time on Outlook. 


Outlook on Mac Mail doesn’t allow you to recall the Mail, but using the above-mentioned tricks and tips, will definitely help. 


Q1. How Do I Recall A Message In Outlook That’s Already Sent?

Outlook on Mac doesn’t allow to recall the Mail, whereas the windows user can recall the Message with the steps mentioned above in this article. Still, you are looking for this feature on Mac,

Use Apple Mail updated with macOS Ventura or later, and Add your Outlook account to the apple mail app and use the feature of Recall Email in the Apple Mail app.

Q2. Can You Recall An Already Sent Email?


Right after you send the Message, you can recall it; to do so, simply tap on the undo Message in case of Outlook. However, the Undo is by default turned off, so you must configure it.

Q3. How Do I Unsend An Email After An Hour?

Well, it is only possible before the scheduled email is not delivered. For Outlook, move to the Draft Folder and select the desired Message you want to unsend. And then click on Cancel Send > Yes.

Q4. Can You Edit Outlook Email After Sending?

You can customize any send mail from Outlook, no matter the folder it is in.

Q5. How Do I Know If A Recalled Message Was Successful In Outlook?

Consider this only for Windows: While compiling the procedure to recall the Mail, ensure to choose the following: Tell Me If Recall Succeeds Or Fail For Each Recipient.

So the Outlook app will automatically notify you about each and every receiver. And if the recall is successfully accomplished, you will be able to see the Recall Success Note.

Q6. Can You Recall An Email In Outlook Without The Recipient Knowing?

If you are getting disturbed with every notification, you can still prevent this situation by playing around with some settings in Outlook.

To do so, head to the Sent Messages and choose the desired email that you have recalled. Choose Tracking. Now after, the device screen will feature if a recall was successful or failed for every receiver.

Q7. Under What Conditions Can You Successfully Recall A Message In Outlook? 

You can easily recall the Message, but the thing to keep in mind is that both sender and receiver use Microsoft 365 in the same organization.

Q8. How Can I Recall An Email Quickly?

Unfortunately, there is no in-built way to recall the Message quickly, but instead, you can use the undo feature if it’s configured as it’s by default turned off. But it should be recalled for up to 20 seconds from the time you have to send the Message,

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