How to Disable Safari’s Frequently Visited Start Page on Mac or Delete Permanently

Last Updated on Jan 4, 2022

Safari Startup page on Mac browser is fully Customized, you have a great option for hiding frequently visited sites on Safari Mac or Removing/Deleting frequently visited sites on Safari Mac. The same settings are also available on your iPhone & iPad’s Safari Browser. Quickly see and open web URL on your Mac browser from the Frequently visited sites list, which will see in the group. And Easy to hide and Show on the Start page or Delete permanently.

Normally, the Most frequently visited website might be secret for Business, Education and Personal Use that might know someone easily and they get an idea what you do on internet and area of the job specification.

How do I Permanently Delete Frequently Visited Sites from Safari Mac?

Note: Before going with the option for deleting the Most frequently visited site from the Startup page, Copy the website URLs in someplace [Sticky, Notes] or Bookmark it.

  1. First Open a New Tab on Safari Browser.
  2. Next, Go to the Website preview appear under Frequently Visited section, on the startup page, and right-click on it. Now, Select Delete Option to remove it completely from the Safari home page.delete-frequently-visited-sites-from-safari-on-mac
  3. That’s it.

The option is not recoverable and can’t be set again after deleting the web page from the startup page.

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How do I turn off frequently visited Safari Mac?

it means you want to hide the section that shows all the websites on the safari startup page. But don’t want to delete or remove from the Frequently visited section, Then follow the below steps.

  1. Open Safari On Mac, Go to the Startup Page.
  2. Click on Customize icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.remove-frequently-visited-section-from-safari-mac
  3. uncheck the option “Frequently Visited”, At the same time Frequently Visited section will be hidden from the page.frequently-visited-section-removed-from-safari-mac
  4. That’s it.

Or Method 2:

Right-click on the Blank space of the startup page to see the custom settings for Enable/Disable Frequently Visited.

  • Select the “Show Frequently Visited” Option to see on the safari startup page.
  • and Uncheck the “Show Frequently Visited” Option to disappeared from the Safari Startup page.

That’s it.

This is the soft technique to use the option for Hiding or Delete Frequently Visited websites on Safari Mac’s Startup page.

If you are unable to Delete or Hide Frequently Visited section on Safari, then Force close Safari Browser and try again.

How to Add Sites to Frequently Visited Safari

A “frequently Visited” section on the Safari Start page is auto-generated, In this section, we cannot rearrange the Visited webpage icon or Add a new Web page manually.

But we can PIN Safari Webpage to Safari Browser on Mac

Open Safari on Mac, and Visit the website that you are accessing frequently from now. Go to the Tab on a Web page, Press Control from Keyboard and Click on Tab, Select PIN Tab option. or Right-click on Tab to see PIN Tab Option.

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Now, Your Pinned Website moved to the left corner of the Safari App on Mac. Click on it to open and access in Safari Browser.


To Remove from Pinned Tabs, Right-click on the Pin Tab [At the top left corner of safari] > Select Unpin Tab option. That’s it.

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